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High Performing Solutions for your Concrete Dog Kennel

It seems like a couple times a week, we have questions related to sealing concrete for dog kennels.  There are plenty of good reasons why you should seal you concrete kennel area as well as plenty of good solutions.  

The number one reason to prepare your concrete kennel is:


Urine, solid waste, dirt etc all take a toll on your concrete. Sealing or coating your concrete makes for easy clean up.

The next reason is:


Keep your kennel looking clean and make the cleaning up even easier. If your concrete is holding stains, chances are, it is also holding odors! Which happens to be our third reason.


Concrete is porous by nature.  Those pores can hold liquids, solids and scents! Sealing the concrete will seal these pores and help reduce the lingering odors.

The two primary solutions for protecting your kennel are epoxy flooring, or, a penetrating concrete sealer.


Epoxy will give you a clear or colored floors with a gloss finish.  They are a great option for kennels because they will completely resist chemicals and acids allowing easy clean up.  Messes will wipe up without difficult scrubbing.  The concrete will be very resistant to abrasion and you don't need to worry about shipping or peeling when exposed to scrapes. The only concern with epoxy is they can become slippery when wet as it leaves a smooth surface.  


Penetrating sealers are an excellent choice for dog kennels as they leave a natural finish that will resist staining and keep fluids from absorbing in to the surface.  The concrete will remain slip resistant as there wont be a top layer of film that can become slippery when wet.