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Shur-Grip and Ultra Grip

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Shur-Grip and Ultra-Grip are finely graded additives for sealers and coatings where increased slip resistance is desired.  Each leaves a unique textured durable surface (Ultra-Grip is slightly greater in particle size creating an increase in the texture of the surface).  Both Shur-Grip and Ultra-grip are recommended for indoor and outdoor applications, especially over decorative concrete surfaces where other non-skid materials cannot be used because of their color.

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  • So this stuff gets mixed with sealer to be sprayed out of your sprayer? Wouldnt this clog your sprayer

    Depends on the sprayer, but if you use a good quality sprayer, it doesn't plug up.

  • I need some grip around our hot tub. I have two coats of luster seal 300 on my new patio. I still have some luster seal 300, can I add this product to my remaining luster seal 300 and put a light coat around my hot tub? Is three coats too much?

    yes, however keep in mind, one pound of Shur Grip is good for 5 gallons for sealer, so you will need to get the correct amount added to your remaining sealer.

  • how much do i need per gallon or per 5 gallon?

    1lbs per 5 gallon pail 

  • My stamped slab is gray/black if I was to use a rust tint over this how would that look.

    Are you talking about stain or a tinted sealer?

  • Diamond clear was sprayed on my new slab with sur grip. Looks good, the contractor sprayed 3 coats in a row. There was pooling in the stamped slab. After 2 days I noticed that if something is dragged on it a white scratched mark appears. Will this continue 🤔... if so what can be done to eradicate this.

    Can you send a picture to