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ChemMasters: Polyseal WB

ChemMasters: Polyseal WB

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Polyseal WB

Pure Acrylic Non-Yellowing Concrete Cure and Seal

Polyseal WB is a high solids, water-based, non yellowing, acrylic concrete curing and sealing compound. This state-of-the-art proprietary formulation forms a tough acrylic film to effectively cure fresh concrete and protect older concrete.

Polyseal WB creates a medium gloss membrane which remains clear throughout its service life. Polyseal WB can be colored with Polyseal WB Tint in a variety of standard and special colors.


  • Interior concrete where a curing compound that meets ASTM C1315 standards is desired, but where the fumes from a solvent based product would be objectionable.
  • Exterior concrete curing where a non-yellowing formulation is preferred and water-based clean-up is desired.
  • Enhance the color and provide a uniform appearance of dry shake hardened floors, integral colored concrete and acid stained concrete while curing and sealing the surface.
  • Seal and dustproof older interior or exterior concrete.


  • Protects concrete surfaces against deicing chemicals, fertilizers, salts, grease, oil, alkalies, mild acids and detergents.
  • Minimizes spalling due to freeze-thaw cycle exposure, hair line checking, premature cracking, dusting and other common defects which result from improperly cured concrete.
  • Seals out most construction dirt and stains, and prevents mortar, plaster and concrete droppings from bonding to concrete surfaces.
  • Tint pack system available in twelve standard colors; special color matching available subject to minimum quantities.
  • Tinted Polyseal WB may be used to cure or seal rough finished colored concrete and aids in hiding finishing imperfections or variations in color.

Compare to Super Diamond Clear VOX

      Finish: Semi-Gloss

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      • I sprayed polyseal wb on a polished concrete and the sprayer left tiger stripes. Is there a way to correct this?

        You can sand the high spots using a floor scrubber with an abrasive disk.

      • Where can I buy this

        You can buy it from us,  online

      • Is poly-seal WB considered a water-based penetrating sealer?

        It is a water based surface sealer.  Here is a water based penetrating sealer: Baracade WB244

      • Can I use the water-based product over the solvent base which was put on two years ago

        No.  If it were opposite you could.

      • Is polyseal wb the same as polyseal ez? If not is polyseal ez still available?

        Polyseal WB is water based,  polyseal EZ is solvent based. It is still available,  give us a call tomorrow for pricing information!  888-391-2227

      • Can an additive be mixed with this product to provide a more nonslip surface on a concrete surface? If so, what additive is recommended to use with this sealer?

        Sure Grip or Ultra Grip may work but this is generally used in a solvent based sealer.  Water based sealers are much thinner and don't carry the grip like a solvent based sealer

      • What steps are necessary to apply this WB product over a stamped concrete surface that may have been sealed previously with a solvent-based sealer?

        You will need to pressure wash or strip the old sealer off.

      • Can this product be used on a Travertine pool deck?


      • Is there an expiration date for this product if 1. Unopened 2. Opened ?

        Unopened is typically a year,  opened is less and depends on how much is in the pail and how it is stored

      • What is the difference between ChemMasters Polyseal and Polyseal WB? I just had concrete poured, and they used Polyseal (no WB) for the first coat. Should I be using the same product (no WB) for the second coat, and is that something you sell? Thanks, Mark

        Polyseal WB is water based.  You should use the same product as the first coat so not water based. We do sell both.

      • Can I use this on stamped concrete that was sealed with an oil based sealer for years ago

        I would suggest using a solvent based sealer over your existing solvent based sealer instead of water based, as there is less prep required

      • Can i use this on Pavers as well?


      • I recently applied this to my drive with a roller ... after the first rain I noticed the water did not bead. It did bead in spots on the smooth edges ... did I put it in too thin?

        Depending on the condition of the concrete, it could have soaked all of the sealer up and could use another coat.

      • What are the different colors you have for the sealer, and what is the cost and coverage of 5 gallons. Thanks

        Here are the copies: Tint Colors
        Coverage is about 350 sqft per gallon. Give us a call for pricing

      • Will this product help deter mold forming on a concrete drive in a south Florida climate?

        Yes.  It forms a barrier between the concrete and the moisture.

      • Do you sell 1 gal. and how much? Actually 2 gal. need

        Unfortunately, this is not available in 1 gal.

      • How soon can you recoat?

        The manufacturer does not generally recommend a second coat.

      • How many square feet will 5 gallons seal on a new concrete driveway?

        350 Sqft per gallon so 1750 sqft per pail.

      • If ChemMasters Polyseal EZ (low VOC solvent based) was put on 2.5 years ago during the new concrete curing process can I just power wash the concrete with a concrete cleaner and re-apply the same sealant over the top of the existing?

        Yes you can.

      • How often should you reapply the EZSeal?

        As needed. Typically 1 to 2 years depending on exposure and traffic.

      • What is the best method to apply a maintenance coat of the EZSeal?

        Clean the existing surface to remove any dirt or grime, then roll new sealer over top.

      • I just stainedmy floor with stone essence, would this be the best sealer?

        What type of finish are you looking for?  High gloss or satin?   Where are you located?

      • Can this product be used to seal a concrete block koi pond?

        There are better options for that.  Id check out the Siloxa-Tek 8510

      • How long before polyseal after applied will it be safe from rain

        Light rain, 8 hours,  heavy rain up to 24 after application.

      • What temperature does it need to be to seal concrete

        Concrete needs to be atleast 50 degrees Fahrenheit,  preferably 60.

      • I am looking for a good vapor barrier/primer/base coat for a garage. I also need it to have color to match flakes gray/tan/red/ etc... I will be doing a full broadcast of chips so need a good working time to be able to get the flakes down while the primer/base coat/vapor barrier is still wet and grippy. What would you suggest?

        Give us a call at 888-391-2227 and we can help you with a solution.


        300 to 400 sqft per gallon first coat.  300 to 600 sqft per gallon second coat

      • how long does it take to dry on a 85 degree day with no humitity

        To touch,  under an hour,  for foot traffic,  under 8 hours

      • how do apply brush or sprayer

        Short nap roller, or sprayer are the preferred methods

      • Can this be tinted? I'm looking for a dark gray or charcoal color on a power troweled untreated concrete garage floor.

        It can be tinted, but its a pretty big uptick in price.  You would have the cost of the pail, then the tint adds $194.  They have a black and battleship gray that might fit your needs.  If you can let us know where you are located I may be able to reccomend a more cost effetive solution.

      • Does this product stop bubbling?

        Not sure I'm understanding the question,  but when applied correctly,  the sealer won't bubble.

      • My contractor applied the EZSeal and it rained shortly after application. I understand the product dries to the touch in about 30 minutes. My question is did the rain effect the durability of the seal.

        Not knowing the time frame of when the rain occurred,  I can't give a definitive answer.   If water beads up on the sealed area,  that means the sealer is in place and doing what it is supposed to,  so you should be fine.

      • My contractor used your product the EZ seal and it rained a lot shortly after application. I am afraid it didn’t have enough time to dry.

        The Polyseal EZ is 30 minutes dry to touch,  8 hours for light foot traffic.

      • How long does it take to dry. My contractor used this product and it rained after application

        Dry condition:

        To touch 1 hour
        For Light foot traffic 8 hours
        For heavy traffic 24 hours
        Maximum Hardness 168 hours(7 days)