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Color-Crete Liquid - Integral Concrete Color

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COLOR-CRETE LIQUID integral color is a water-based, ready-to-use pigmented slurry of special synthetic iron-oxide pigments. Produced using a computer-controlled blending of precisely pre-mixed liquid components, COLOR-CRETE liquid is formulated from superior grade pigments provides the high tinting strength and uniform color that exceeds ASTM C979 specifications for integrally colored concrete. 

COLOR-CRETE may be used with all cementitious materials and designed for use with cast-in-place, slab on grade, precast, tilt-up, pavers and roof tiles.  Plus, all colors are light-fast, lime-proof, and completely weather proof assuring permanent colorfast  structures. 

COLOR-CRETE liquid color is conveniently packaged in one yard increments in 1, 3.5 & 5 gallon pails containing precisely pigmented slurry accurate to within .02 of a pound to provide uniform color and perfect future batch matching if required.

Priced per 1 yard, 6 sack mix

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  • My pool deck was just poured with color Crete. Can you give me a customer service number in case I have issues/ Questions thanks

    Our number is 888-391-2227

  • I have 26 yards being delivered how much do I need?

    It is sold by the yard,  so 26.  If you can respond to our email with your contact information,  we can get a custom quote worked up for you. 

  • how much per yd aprox to mix in liquid

    Each color is priced per yard.

  • Hi, I had my curbing installed and company I hired will not warranty. The color is Tierra, I was wondering if you sell small repair kits?

    If you can send us some pictures,  we can see what we can put together for you!

  • How soon can I get your color mix?

    Generally ships in a couple days

  • Can I use it for a pool coping brick?

    This is for coloring concrete that is in the truck as it's poured, not after the fact.  You can check out our stain options for coloring already placed concrete.

  • Is this a stain or paint? I need it for outside patio areas of my yard.

    This is an integral color that you would use when pouring concrete.  

    If you are looking for a stain, check here:

  • I am making a formed garden boarder that will require me to use almost 46 60# bags of concrete mix. Can I use this measured out into two bag mixes in a small mixer?

    Yes but will need to figure out how much cement is in each of the bags

  • I am building a house with a concrete slab. Does color of my choice need to be added to the concrete before the foundation is poured?

    If you do not want to stain or paint it, then yes the color should be added when the concrete truck shows up.

  • I’m pouring a smaller patio Which will be around 1.5 yards. However, I will be pouring this from bags of concrete rather than having a truck delivered. Do you know with the mix ratio would be for a 80 pound bag?

    Each portion would be split in to a yard, so you would use 1/45th of the container.

  • I am working on a small patio 16' x 17' in the back of my house. I am planning to stamp the cement and add color on top of it. How much color do I need?

    3 yards worth

  • Can I use this stain on my terra cotta tiles( with grout) on my sunroom? The tiles are terra cotta 6”x6” tiles. I want to stain this floor with a grey color-Crete. Will this work?

    No.  This product is for mixing in to concrete before it is poured.

  • Can I use this on a concrete kitchen floor?

    This is for mixing fresh concrete.  If you wish to color your kitchen floor, I would suggest out line of concrete stain located here:

  • Does it work in stucco mix?


  • I have terra cotta tiles on my front porch steps. Will this paint cover it? Will it be slick when it rains? How durable will it be?

    This is not paint.  This is integral concrete color, so needs to be mixed in to concrete before it is poured.

  • Can this be used on a patio that has been previously colored?

    No. This is for mixing in to new concrete before it has been placed.

  • I am interested in the possibility of using your product to pour a small walkway. It is right at a yard and b/c is so small will be using a cement mix like Sakrete or Quikrete. Do you have a preference and what would be the mixing ratio? Also, would I need to seal it? I'm concerned that if I do I may compromise traction as it is outdoors. Thank you for your help

    You would have to measure out an even portion for each batch you make.  I would probably tell you to use to the quickrete color available at most home improvement stores.

  • I have a stamped brick patio in terra-cotta I need to put a color between the brick what color should I use..?

    you can use a concrete stain,
    Options are somewhat limited when you have an integral color already in the concrete, so you need a surface color.

  • can i mix colors to make it look like bluestone

    I think it would be tough to get a match mixing colors, but if you want to give it a shot, let us know!

  • How much do I need to cover an 8x10 (80sq ft) The area is stamped concrete.

    This product is an integral color, meaning it is mixed in to concrete before it is poured.  Let us know what you are trying to do and we can help you with the right product!

  • If I have colored concrete can I still etch darker a lot of mortar stains and after what do I put down to make it shine and last

    I would suggest a good suface sealer, such as Super Diamond Clear, Polyseal Plus, and Cryli-Tel 5505

  • Do you have a blue color in the color-crete liquid or is it possible to mix two colors in order to get a bluish tint to add to the concrete mix?

    We have some blue/green options however they are specialty colors.  Give us a call and we can see what we can do

  • Can it be used for bath room floor and shower floor without getting any water marks?

    This product is for coloring concrete before it is cured. Best way to prevent water marks is with a good sealer.  If you give us a little more information, we would be happy to make a recomendation!

  • How much pigment is needed for a gallon of plaster?

    for small batches, i would suggest using a dry pigment.  Give us a call and we can help you out with some options. 


  • Can I see euro gray on a floor

    We dont have a picture of a floor in Euro Gray. Sorry!

  • How much concrete stain would it take for 1058 sq ft

    The product you asked the question on is integral color for mixing in to concrete prior to pouring.  Here is our concrete stain:

    Which gets 300 square feet per gallon.

  • I'm looking for white mortar caulking. Do you have that product?

    For what type of application?  Expansion joints?

  • Can u send samples I am looking for semi transparent sand stone color exterior

    it sounds like you are looking for a colored sealer when you say semi-transparent.  Give us a call and we can see what we can do to help you out.  888-391-2227

  • Distributors in Puerto Rico

    We ship to Puerto Rico. Contact us for a quote.

  • I have a project trying to stain some pavers. it's possible to have a sample?

    This product is for mixing in to concrete before it is placed.  Here is our concrete stain:

  • Do you have a list of recommended installers?

    We do in some areas.  Where are you located?

  • Hi, Can Color-Crete liquid be applied to exterior slate wall tiles? Can this product be used on natural stone?

    Color Crete is for adding to a batch of concrete to add color integrally, not for adding color after the fact.  Natural stone doesnt have the same properties as concrete, as it is less porous so it doesnt take color well.  You can try stain-crete but no guarantees on its effectiveness.

  • want to match some old shingles , where do I find gaf roof shingles architectural color hickory

    It is very difficult to match colors between different materials, in this case, shingles vs concrete.  From what I have seen, autumn brown would be your closest match.

  • Where in Tampa

    We are based in South Dakota, but can ship to you.

  • Hi I was wondering if I can get a color chart sent to me? I am looking at the color Navajo. Or do you have samples? Happy to pay the poastage or shipping :)

    If you can send your address, I can get a color chart sent out.

  • Can you send me a color charts?

    What is your address? I can get one sent your way.

  • I am interested in a tan/sand color that will not have a pink hue.

    Darker or lighter?

  • Our contractor just told us we can't have the original color we selected and obtained a sample of. We are very dissapointed. Do you have any photos of the Sandstone. We are hoping this will be more toward a pale golden muted yellow.

    Can you help me with what you're using it on?  Indoor or outdoor?  Stamped or non stamped? I'll see what I can find for you with that information. 

  • Has anyone used these liquid colors in any micro topping mixes? I’m looking for a liquid color option with hopes of eliminating dry pigment streaks when troweling

    The Increte Thin-Crete uses its own pigment packs so I have not heard of someone using the liquid integral color with that system.  The issue you may run in to, is the liquid color is mixed based on cement content so you would have to figure out the cement ratio in the micro topping to get the same color.  It is much easier in a powder as it is by weight.

  • Hello, I just poured concrete onto a portion of my property. What type of concrete should I use?

    Not sure I understand the question.

  • I have several spots on the concrete surrounding my pool that require a small patch. The color is Fiesta 320. What would you suggest to get the right color?

    Is it a full depth patch or an overlay? We have overlay material that uses the same color chart, or if it's full depth,  you can order the liquid and mix with your concrete.

  • How much is 12 yards and how soon can I get it delivered? Denver, NC 28037

    What color?  5 or 6 sack mix? Typically we can ship in a day or two.

  • How much we need for 9 yards concrete?

    It is priced per yard,  so you would need 9.

  • I can not tell the true colors from the sample card. Could you send me a color swatch or color card. Mostly interested in the grays and browns. I have a concrete company coming to replace alot of concrete leading to my pool so I want to make sure I pick the right one. They use your products.

    We can email some better pictures.  Send us an email,

  • What colors are recommended for a new concrete patio with a brick house? How do you recommend I can better know what Phoenix Tan color would look like after curing? Any chance I could obtain a sample chip of colored concrete?

    We have a pack of color chips but unfortunately cant send them out.  We can send pictures that might give you a better look if you have colors in mind.