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Integral Concrete Color - 7 for 28

Integral Concrete Color - 7 for 28

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Color-Crete 7 for 28 powder integral color is a pre-measured system packaged in convenient disintegrating plastic bags that achieves 28 shades with variable loadings for 7 standard integral base colors.

Order quantity based on the yardage requirements below. For example, if you need 8 yards of Red Dark, you would order 16 bags of Red.

Sold in cases of 5 bags each except Tan and Yellow which are 4 bags per case.


Light Shade:  1 bag per 2 yards.
Medium Shade: 1 bag per 1 yard.
Dark Shade:   2 bags per 1 yard.
Heavy Shade: 4 Bags per 1 yard.


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  • How much does each bag weigh

    6lbs per bag

  • I’m forming a 14’ x 14’ fire pit. It’s going to take 42 - 80LB bags of concrete. I want a heavy red color. How many bags do I need to order?

    80 lbs bags of concrete are about .6 cubic feet each, so you will have just under a yard total.  Heavy red needs 4 bags per yard.  It comes in a case of 5 so you would have one left over.

  • Is the minimum order 5 bags of each color? And what is the total price?

    Each color is sold in quantities of 5 bags.  The total is $110 plus any applicable tax

  • By using Lee black oxide wii you get a dark grey

    Your dark gray would be Black oxide, dark shade.  So two bags per yard.

  • Do you have any more pictures of the color choices? Thanks

    Which color are you looking at?  I can see we might have

  • Can I order now and pick up in morning

    We stock most colors however some low volume colors we ship direct from the manufacturer. Depending where you are located, we can arrage pickup.

  • Can your colors be used to darken decomposed granite

    You can sometimes use an acid stain,  but really depends on the porosity of the stone.

  • How much color do is needed for .04 cubic yard of concrete.

    Depends on the shade you are looking for.  Dosage rates listed are per yard,  so multiply by .04 to get the amount needed.