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Stain-Crete Acid Stain is a deep penetrating acid-based chemical stain that can be used to color old or new concrete (which has cured for a minimum of 14-28 days).

Stain-Crete chemically reacts with cured concrete, Level Top SP or Micro-Crete to provide a distinctive permanent color with a subtly shaded marbled effect similar to the look of aged natural stone.  Stain-Crete's variegated finish will not peel, crack, chip, or fade.

Because Stain-Crete penetrates so deeply, it can be used for both interior and exterior applications.  It can be applied to both horizontal and vertical surfaces giving an attractive custom look to any masonry surface that, once sealed, is impervious to alkali, salts and salt spray, UV rays, and abrasion.

First Coat: Approximately 200 to 300 ft2 /gal (4.9 to 7.4 m2 /L). A second coat may be necessary for desired results.

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  • We're installing a new asphalt driveway and were advised to tear out the existing orange concrete curb and replace with pavers to match our walkway. Is it possible instead to successfully change the color of the curbs with concrete stain to achieve a more neutral curb color? Thanks for any advice!

    Most of that depends on how the curb was colored.  Is it a slurry coat over the top, or is it a full integral color?  Is it sealed?

  • I would like to order samples of the acid stain. How would I do that? Also, I don’t see a charcoal gray.... is it possible to get that?

    Send us your phone number and we can give you a call

  • What is the difference between Stain Crete and Stone Essence? Is one better for a pool deck? Which sealer is recommended for a pool deck?

    Stain crete is acid based stain, while stone essence is water based. Both can be used on a concrete pool deck, but stone essence is fewer steps, and you don't risk rinsing stain in to your pool.

  • Can this product in Terra cotta be used on pool brick coping? Our back area including the coping was sealed with a water based sealer 3 years ago, can I stain on top as it appears the sealant has substantially worn off? I plan to seal the bricks and the mortar and issues? Thank you

    This can be used on most cementious based products.  If the sealer is still present in spots, the stain will not penetrate through so just something to keep in mind.  As always, test a small area first.

  • Can this product be used Outdoors to stain crushed lava rock And if so is it harmful to plants or trees

    Not sure how it would react to lava rock.  It is acid based so can be harmful to plants

  • I have a slick surface concrete slab. I don’t want to grind the surface as recommended . What is the effect of not sanding or Grinding before stainIng or acid stainIng the slab ?

    grinding opens up the pores in the concrete so the stain has more surface area to react. If you do not do this, you are limiting the performance of the stain.

  • Can this be used on a brick wall and fireplace brick if I remove the sealant?

    It can be used on a wide variety of concrete surfaces.  I would suggest testing a small area first, but you should be ok.

  • Can this product be use on a brushed finish concrete patio ?

    The manufacturer suggests mechanically scarifying the surface to prep the concrete. I would suggest grinding the concrete.

  • I want to use Ardex feather finish over cutback to cover that up. Can I add your product to the ardex so not to paint?

    Ardex Feather Finish does not take stain consistently or evenly.  Check out Ardex SDm for a better option for staining, and as a final floor covering.  

  • Can this material work on Terrazzo to change the color?

    There are several types of terazzo, depending on the type, you may be able to use this to change the color.  If it is the poly or epoxy type, it will not work as it doesn't contain any cement component that the stain reacts with.

  • Can I use this stain on stone veneer? I am trying to darken the grout lines that are fading from grey to white but will be hard not to get on the stone veneer. Also I want to seal put a wet look on the grout and the stone veneer because all is fading. Which is best to use. I’m in Maryland. Thanks

    I would suggest testing a small spot of sealer on the grout before anything.  Chances are, the grout will darken back to the original look. 

    If not, you can apply the stain with a brush to avoid getting any on the stone. 

  • Does this come in any smaller size? I need very little

    How much do you need and what color? 

  • Any pictures

    Yes, here are some before and after pictures of a previously colored and stamped concrete walkway and patio that needed a little TLC

  • hello I'd like a sample of Weathered Copper Im not getting a secure connection tho with my old browser tonight...Hmmm I will use Paypal if that is an option, Let me know the cost please. Thank you so much Anne Hart 760 N. Spring Creek Trail Cornville, Az 86325

    You should have gotten an email when we responded to your first question, you can respond to that and I'll have your email and can get you a quote.  Typically around $30

  • Can I buy a half gallon or a sample 1st?

    Yes, we have samples.  Let us know what color and we can get an order drafted up for you.

  • I want to freshen up my black fireplace mortar joints. The mortar is already black but has faded. What do you recommend? I certainly wouldn't need a gallon.

    I would look at the Stone Essence water based stain.  Less hassle and mess than an acid stain. 

  • Can this (terra cotta) be used on saltillo tile that has never been stained/sealed? Can I assume it gets darker with multiple applications? Is it concentrated?

    Acid stain doesn't react with clay so I would look at the Stone Essence stain. It is water based and should work with the porous tile,  but test a small area first.

  • Do you supply sample sizes to test?

    We can get a sample to you.  Samples are currently $20 for one, to cover material and shipping. The samples get cheaper per each if you need more than one.

  • Will this work for a outdoor water fountain? Going to sand off the old finish and need to reapply a new color - any ideas? Thank you

    You would need to seal it  but would work on a concrete fountain.

  • How would this be on outside agragate curbing around my gardens? Also, how much stain is in one container? The curbing has not been sealed in at least three years & looks terrible. I have a power washer to help get any embedded dirt off & that also has taken the sealant off as well. I’ve thought of staining it as I don’t want to replace it because of the mess & expense. This product looks as though it might work & at this point, I’d give anything a try!

    This would work on curbing assuming there is no sealer left.   It would need to be sealed after you stain and neutralize for best effect.

    The stain comes in a 1 gal container.

  • Is staincrete going to be toxic if applied to fireplace bricks and subject to fireplace temperatures? We had old fireplaces relined and want to darken the new bricks.

    Once applied and neutralized, it is not toxic.   You will want to seal it to retain the color.

  • Can this be used on concrete countertops?

    Yes, assuming they are not sealed.

  • Can you use this on red stone fireplace hearth? Need to make the orange grey!

    Depending on the porosity of the stone, yes.  We suggest testing a small area first to see if it gives the look you are trying to achieve.