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Ghostshield: Max Wear Urethane 960

Ghostshield: Max Wear Urethane 960

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Max Wear Urethane 960

An indestructible yet durable non-slip urethane topcoat designed to repel chemicals and resist abrasions. Best used as a topcoat after Epoxy Max 100 in clear or colored industrial floors.

Repels Oils, Chemicals, Acids and Salts

Best used as a topcoat on industrial floors, the Max Wear Urethane 960 is a solvent-based floor coating that provides incredible abrasion resistance, acid resistance and chemical resistance. Not only does it eliminate concrete dusting, but it is easily cleanable and able to protect concrete from oil exposure and deicing salt damage.

Best Used As A Top Coat

Supplied as a three-component kit and easily applied with a solvent-rated nap roller or brush. Best used as a topcoat in clear or solid color floor systems after the Epoxy Max 100 basecoat. Recommended for areas with high risks of exposure to chemical spills, fuel, heavy equipment and extreme temperatures such as auto repair shops, garages and warehouse floors. For interior use only, grinding or etching of the surface is recommended prior to application.

For Use On:

  • Auto Repair Shop Floors
  • Warehouse Floors
  • Industrial Floors
  • Solid Color Floor Systems

Not For Use On:

  • Full Flake Floor Systems
  • Metallic Color Floor Systems
  • Exterior / Outdoor Applications


Non Slip Satin Finish

A built in non-slip additive and satin-finish make this product unique with UV color stability for long term color retention. This product will not fade, chip or delaminate and regular maintenance can keep concrete looking good for years to come. 

  • COVERAGE: 500-800 square feet
  • COATS: 1
  • FINISH: Satin

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