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Cement Retarder

Cement Retarder

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Cement Retarder is a specially formulated retardant that delays the set times in cementitious products.  Cement Retarder is designed for use with Increte Systems"  Increte, Color-Crete, New-Crete, Texture-Crete and Spray-Deck with no effect on color.

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  • How much per yard for 1hr delay

    The dosage will vary with temperature, density, and ratio of cement in the batch mix. 3 fl oz/100 lbs (196 mL/100
    kg) of cement will extend the initial setting time of portland cement concrete by approximately 2 to 3 hours at 70
    °F (21 °C). For longer setting times or in higher temperatures, additional retarder may be needed. For shorter set
    times or in cooler weather, use less.

    Dosage per 100 lbs/100 kg cement:
    Air Temperature
    40 to 69 °F ( 4 to 20 °C) 2 fl oz (130 mL)
    70 to 79 °F (21 to 26 °C) 3 fl oz (196 mL)
    80 to 89 °F (27 to 32 °C) 4 fl oz (260 mL)
    >90 °F (>32 °C) 5 fl oz (326 mL)