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ChemMasters: SpallGuard WB-10

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SpallGuard™ WB-10

Penetrating Siloxane Low-VOC Water-Based Concrete Sealer & Waterproofer

SpallGuard WB-10 a penetrating, chemically reactive, solvent-free, silane modifed siloxane emulsion designed to be a moisture and water repellent for concrete and masonry.

SpallGuard WB-10 contains a special beading agent to enhance water resistance and a catalyst to ensure the optimum chemical reaction necessary for water repellency.


  • Protects exterior concrete and masonry surfaces exposed to salts, acid rain or freeze / thaw cycles including brick, stucco and concrete
  • Can be used on both horizontal or vertical surfaces
  • Specified for use on all types of concrete flat work including parking lots, driveways, plazas, patios and walkways
  • Municipal applications including median barriers, bridge decks, ramps and concrete pavement
  • Protects concrete subjected to chloride attack including marine structures, vehicular repair and wash down facilities, loading docks


  • Prevents chloride ion penetration from deicing chemicals or marine environments
  • Prevents spalling of new concrete surfaces due to freeze / thaw cycling
  • Penetrates deeply and chemically reacts with concrete and masonry for long lasting protection. Penetrates 1/16 - 3/8 inch (1.6-9.5 mm) depending on the substrate
  • Seals pores and capillaries of substrate preventing liquid absorption while allowing excellent vapor transmission
  • Protects reinforcing steel from corrosion caused by water or airborne salts
  • Does not alter the appearance or texture of substrate
  • Suitable for architectural and light colored surfaces

 Natural Finish

Compare to Euclid Chemical: Baracade WB-244

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