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ChemMasters: Traz-25A

ChemMasters: Traz-25A

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Solvent-Based Methyl-Methacrylate Concrete Sealer

Traz 25A is a film forming sealer for concrete and masonry. Traz 25A is formulated with methyl methacrylate polymers that develop high gloss and are more chemical resistant than standard acrylic sealers.

The Traz 25A film will not yellow under any UV conditions and is extremely durable.


  • Seal and protect any interior or exterior, horizontal or vertical concrete and masonry surface
  • Protect and amplify the beauty of exposed aggregate, terrazzo and man-made or natural stone
  • Enhance and deepen the color of stamped concrete while shielding it from water, freeze thaw damage, dirt and most hydrocarbon chemicals
  • Keeps surfaces from dusting and chalking
  • Makes surfaces easier to clean


  • Chemical resistance superior to standard acrylic or styrene acrylic sealers
  • High level of resistance to aliphatic solvents, acids, alkalis, gasoline, oils and grease
  • Excellent penetration, adhesion and durability
  • Exceptional water and liquid repellency reduces staining and moisture absorption
  • Superior resistance to ultraviolet light, freeze/thaw cycling and acid rain
  • High gloss for improved appearance and reduced maintenance costs
  • Easy to apply and recoat without extensive surface preparation; dries quickly
  • Dustproofs as it seals

    Finish: High Gloss

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    • How long before dries

      Second coat: 1hr
      Foot traffic: 4 hrs
      Heavy traffic: 12 hrs

      This is based on 70 degrees.

    • hi if if i order a 5 gallon of traz 25 a , how long will it take to get it delievered?

      Depends on location,  usually 2 to 3 days

    • Do I need a second coat

      Second coat is optional

    • What is the drying time

      1 hour for a second coat,  4 hours for foot traffic,  12 hours for heavy traffic. 

      This is at 70 degrees.

    • Why is Traz 25 banned in NY? Traz 25 A is more expensive, I need 10 gallons and would save a $100

      New York has a low VOC requirement,  so the A, which is an alternate solvent,  is required.

    • Thank you for your response where I can proceed with a second coat with Traz-25A seal , eliminating the cure function of spray-cure + seal 25A. So now , what are my options for application? Also, what are your best expectations for proper surface preparation , Please advise...Ray

      You will need to make sure the surface is clean and dry.   If you can pressure wash it,  you will be in great shape.   For application,  you can use a sprayer or roller.

    • I used ChemMasters spray-cure + seal 25A on new cement floor 2 years ago (Garage) ......customer info. on 5 gallon container suggests 2nd application after this 2 year period....Do you carry the spray + cure 25 A ? If not, can I apply the C. M. Traz 25A as the 2nd coat in it's place?

      You shouldnt need the cure function of the previous sealer, so the Traz-25A should work great for your purposes!

    • where can I purchase ChemMasters Traz 25A in/near Belle Vernon, PA?

      We offer free shipping to your location!

    • Where can I purchase this in/near Mississauga, Canada

      Vieira Concrete Supplies

      357 Gage Avenue North
      Hamilton, ON, L8L 7A8
      Phone: (905) 544-7088

    • Do you carry ChemMasters color enhancer?

      Robert, Give us a call and we can help you out with some products that arent listed on our site.  


    • Do you need to thin it to spray it

      No, you shouldn't need to thin it.

    • Where can I buy this ?

      You can purchase right here: Traz-25A

      This product qualifies for free shipping.

    • Who sales your product in Salem Oregon?

      We are a distributor for chem masters. You can order online at and get free shipping.

    • Why is Traz 25 A so expensive? And how does it differs from other brands

      The Traz-25A is an alternate solvent for use in VOC restricted areas and requires hazardous shipping.  That is the reason for the higher price.

    • What is the coverage in square feet?

      300 to 400 sqft per gallon, depending on finish.