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Color Release

Color Release

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Color Release is formulated to provide a barrier between stamping tools and wet concrete to prevent suction and facilitate the release of flexible stamping tools.   Applied directly to the wet concrete surface prior to the stamp process,  Color Release contains integrated iron-oxide pigments to add color and depth to a stamped surface. 

Available in Increte Systems' 30 standard colors, Color Release is also available in light and dark gray or brown, and clear.  Special colors can be matched by request.

20lb (9.1 kg) Pail

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  • Do you offer light grey?

    Silver gray is pretty light.

  • Can this process be successfully executed with overnight freezing temps? What about rain or snow? How many days does it take for cement to cure in the winter? What temperature is ideal for the color release and stamping process? Thank you

    With the correct admixture, you can pour in colder temps, however you would also be reducing the time you have to finish the concrete. 
    Typically a full cure on concrete is 28 days, but again, this depends on the admixtures used for cooler temps. 
    For stamping, you want cool to warm but not freezing and not hot. There isn't a hard set of numbers.