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Integral Concrete Color - 7 for 28

Integral Concrete Color - 7 for 28

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Color-Crete 7 for 28 powder integral color is a pre-measured system packaged in convenient disintegrating plastic bags that achieves 28 shades with variable loadings for 7 standard integral base colors.

Order quantity based on the yardage requirements below. For example, if you need 8 yards of Red Dark, you would order 16 bags of Red.

Sold in cases of 5 bags each except Tan and Yellow which are 4 bags per case.


Light Shade:  1 bag per 2 yards.
Medium Shade: 1 bag per 1 yard.
Dark Shade:   2 bags per 1 yard.
Heavy Shade: 4 Bags per 1 yard.


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  • How much does each bag weigh

    6lbs per bag

  • I’m forming a 14’ x 14’ fire pit. It’s going to take 42 - 80LB bags of concrete. I want a heavy red color. How many bags do I need to order?

    80 lbs bags of concrete are about .6 cubic feet each, so you will have just under a yard total.  Heavy red needs 4 bags per yard.  It comes in a case of 5 so you would have one left over.

  • Is the minimum order 5 bags of each color? And what is the total price?

    Each color is sold in quantities of 5 bags.  The total is $110 plus any applicable tax

  • By using Lee black oxide wii you get a dark grey

    Your dark gray would be Black oxide, dark shade.  So two bags per yard.