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Notched Olde English Ashlar Slate Stamp - Thinline 36

Notched Olde English Ashlar Slate Stamp - Thinline 36"

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Tool size is 36" x 36"

Set contains:

  • 2 36NOEA ST A, 2 36NOEA ST B, & 2 36 NOEA ST C Rigids
  • 1 36NOEA ST A, 1 36NOEA ST B, & 1 36 NOEA ST C Liner
  • 2 Texture Skins
  • 1 Tamper
  • 1 S Tool
  • Increte Logo


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        • My detail on plans say each section (tool a, b, c) is 24" x 24". Yours appear to be 36" x 36" do you make this same thing in 24"? I also have to pave a road 24' wide. I would like to have enough stamps to do 6' at a time. By my calculations I would need 72 qty 24" x 24" stamps. Do you give a discount on that amount?

          That is the link to the 24" notched Ashlar stamp.  The one you are asking about being 36" is for a overlay aplication, is that what you need? 

          Give us a call at 888-391-2227 and we can work up a quote for you for however many stamps you want.  6' square would be 3x3 stamps so 9