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Savanah Stone Stamp

Savanah Stone Stamp

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Tool sizes are 24" x 24" &

24" x 48"

Set contains:

  • 4 SS A & 2 SS B Rigids
  • 1 SS Liners
  • 2 Texture Skins
  • 1 Tamper
  • 1 S Tool
  • Increte Logo

                QUESTIONS & ANSWERS

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                • Do you have any instructions for your stamps online? Can the “s” tool be used alone, or is a complete set needed for the DIY homeowner?

                  I would suggest watching a lot of You Tube before tackling stamped concrete on your own.  There are a lot of things to take in to consideration when stamping including timing and technique.

                  For the S-Tool, this is just the joint tool for between the different stamp mats.  For a first timer, i would suggest a slate style stamp as it is a bit more forgiving than a detailed stamp like river rock etc.