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Ghostshield: Siloxa-Tek 8505

Ghostshield: Siloxa-Tek 8505

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Siloxa-Tek® 8510 is an advanced, high performance, industrial strength concrete/masonry water and oil repellent solution designed to reduce water and moisture intrusion. This unique formula incorporates leading molecular nanotechnology; putting an end to water, oils, fluids and moisture migration through any porous cementitious substrate. Siloxa-Tek® 8510 is a uniquely transparent, blended formula with added enzymes and surfactants that aide in accelerating a penetrating disbursement. Thus eliciting a more effective, uniformed reaction between the formula and the concrete / masonry substrate it’s being applied to. Siloxa-Tek® 8510 provides a hydrophobic barrier beneath the surface and seals out moisture while remaining highly vapor permeable and chemically bonding with the substrate. The treated surfaces will show no change in visual appearance from application and the surface that will not chip, flake, delaminate or breakdown with UV light exposure. Natural Finish, low luster.


Exceptional when used for:

  • Applications: Commercial, industrial & retail concrete floors and slabs. Stadiums, plazas, food courts, parking garages, machine shops. Also used for exterior concrete driveways and garages.
  • Substrates: Concrete, concrete blocks/cinderblocks, brick, pavers, exposed aggregate, stucco, stone, slate, sandstone
  • For enhanced performance on horizontal surfaces use a densifying primer, wait 7 days and then apply the Siloxa-Tek 8510.



    • Staining protection
    • Oil resistance
    • Water beading effect
    • Excellent penetration
    • Breathable substrate
    • Easy application
    • No appearance change


    • Deicing salt/chloride damage
    • Freeze-thaw damage
    • Spalling/pitting/cracking
    • Mold/mildew growth
    • Efflorescence
    • Dirt pick up
    • Water vapor transmission
    • Staining from oils


    • Stains
    • Oil/fluids
    • ASR/Alkali attacks
    • Water ingress
    • Moisture intrusion
    • UV radiation


      • 1 gallon
      • 55 gallon 

      Tech Data

      Application Instructions - Ready to Use

      Application Instructions - Ultra Concentrate



      Ask a Question
      • I want to seal my garage floor because it has a basement underneath, can I use epoxy on top of Siloxa-Tek 8505 (or 8510) to make a more decretive finish but still have the water proof to keep moisture out of the basement underneath?

        Use of the 8505 or 8510 will unfortunately prevent the epoxy from adhereing to to the concrete so your finish wouldnt last long.  We do have an option for doing both, give us a call at 888-391-2227 and we can run through what we can do!

      • What is your recommendations for water sealer for a skate park? 8505

        8505 is a good choice.  8510 is probably the best sealer but maybe overkill for your application.  You can also look at Baracade Silane 40, or Baracade WB244

      • Can I add redi mix color to 8505 to provide color and sealing

        Siloxa-Tek 8505 is a penetrating sealer, not a surface sealer, so you are not able to add color.

      • Is this product safe for puppies and children????

        This is a penetrating sealer, so once it gets in the concrete, there are no concerns with puppies and children

      • how much quantity of concentrate 8505 to seal 1600 square feet floor

        YOU'LL NEED 11 TOTAL GALLONS: 2x 1-Gallon Concentrates + 1x 1-Gallon Bottle ready to use.

      • What products are compatible to apply over Siloxa-Tek 8505? Wife’s not happy that this product didn’t cover up the unevenness of our colored concrete.

        Siloxa-Tek isn't made for decorative concrete.  I would look in to the Cryli-Tek 5505.