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Ghostshield: Siloxa-Tek 8505

Ghostshield: Siloxa-Tek 8505

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The tenacious, water-based alternative to the Siloxa-Tek 8510. This proprietary blend of silane/siloxane plus flurorcarbons repels water, deicing salts and oil. Plus a stain repellent additive makes oil and grease based stains easier to clean. Its hydrophobic nature resists freeze-thaw, mold, mildew and moisture intrusion.


Easily applied with a low-pressure sprayer, roller or brush, the 8505 can be used on a variety of concrete, brick and masonry applications. Can be used indoors and outdoors on new and old concrete and is an excellent choice for garage floors.

  • Concrete / Brick / Masonry
  • Concrete Blocks / Cinderblocks
  • Pavers / Exposed Aggregate
  • Slate / Stone / Stucco
  • Driveways / Sidewalks
  • Patios / Pool Decks
  • Garages

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Provides a flat, natural finish. A slight enhancement may occur. Creates a long-lasting water-repellent surface that beads water. This innovative blend is available ready to use – no mixing required, or concentrated – mixes with water to make 4 gallons. Can be used as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with a densifiying primer to increase performance and abrasion resistance.

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  • Can it be used to treat metal? to make it oil repelant?

    No,  it is not made to penetrate in to metal

  • My concrete driveway is 15030 sqft (1503 ft by 10 ft). Looking for the best option for long term sealing. How long could I expect to have protection for my driveway from the 8505 and the 8510? Are the coverage estimates for 1 or 2 coats? What do you recommend to seal the control joints prior to applying your concrete sealers? Is there a pump to get the 8510 out of the 55 gallon drums?

    8510 would be my recommendation for longest lasting.  Especially if you use the 4500 as a primer.  You can easily expect 10 years of performance with that combination.

    The 300sqft per gallon is single coat,  so 150 sqft single coat.  

    We don't stock a pump for the drums but we can source one if that is the route you would want to take over the 5 gal pails.

  • how much product of 8505 silo-tek concentrated for 1400 square feet also do you ship to Vancouver island b,c, Canada (parksville is the city i live in)

    You would need about 10 gallons of ready to use, or 2 gallons of concentrate. 

    We can ship to Canada.

  • I would like to use the concentrated product. Please let me know the required number of coats. Also, how much would I need to buy to coat a 500 sf 20 year old concrete garage floor (496 sf to be exact). I am in the midwest with tough winters and road salts. Sealing out oil would be a bonus. I cannot afford the 8505 in my budget so I'm looking for an alternative cost effective solution.

    You are looking at 4 gallons total, so one gallon of 8505 concentrate would do it.   8505 or 8510 are the only options for oil stain resistance

  • I want to seal my garage floor because it has a basement underneath, can I use epoxy on top of Siloxa-Tek 8505 (or 8510) to make a more decretive finish but still have the water proof to keep moisture out of the basement underneath?

    Use of the 8505 or 8510 will unfortunately prevent the epoxy from adhereing to to the concrete so your finish wouldnt last long.  We do have an option for doing both, give us a call at 888-391-2227 and we can run through what we can do!

  • What is your recommendations for water sealer for a skate park? 8505

    8505 is a good choice.  8510 is probably the best sealer but maybe overkill for your application.  You can also look at Baracade Silane 40, or Baracade WB244

  • Can I add redi mix color to 8505 to provide color and sealing

    Siloxa-Tek 8505 is a penetrating sealer, not a surface sealer, so you are not able to add color.

  • Is this product safe for puppies and children????

    This is a penetrating sealer, so once it gets in the concrete, there are no concerns with puppies and children

  • how much quantity of concentrate 8505 to seal 1600 square feet floor

    YOU'LL NEED 11 TOTAL GALLONS: 2x 1-Gallon Concentrates + 1x 1-Gallon Bottle ready to use.

  • What products are compatible to apply over Siloxa-Tek 8505? Wife’s not happy that this product didn’t cover up the unevenness of our colored concrete.

    Siloxa-Tek isn't made for decorative concrete.  I would look in to the Cryli-Tek 5505.

  • Can add Ghostshield Siloxa-Tek 8505 to an epoxy covered garage floor? Will it damage the epoxy?

    If the concrete is covered with epoxy,  the 8505 won't be able to penetrate the concrete.

  • If it has left a white residue behind, is this potentially toxic for cats as our babies love to lick floors?? Also if there is white residue does that mean it didn’t absorb and what do you do if that’s the case?

    If could potentially be harmful if it all wasn't absorbed in to the concrete.  Was the residue left after the first or second coat? Generally if there is white residue it means an over application,. For example,  if the second coat was applied too late,  the first coat wouldn't let the second penetrate.

  • I want to fix a decorative fountain with this but my dogs drink out of it. Will this be toxic to them once it’s dried?

    Once dried, there is no concern with seepage. Dogs should be fine.   One of the best uses is in kennels.

  • How do I remove stains that are on my sealed 8505 ghost shield driveway? What to use ? Thank you

    What kind of stains?  Were they there before you sealed or after?

  • Pretinted or Tint-able sealant, I Live in Utah and I want to seal a new concrete slab to be poured later this year. I am hoping to protect it from our harsh winters as well as oil stains from an old vehicle. Most of our concrete in this area dries to a very bright white, and my wife would like to have this slab colored with a tan or grey to tone down the brightness that we get out of our ready mix. This will be a small slab approx 8' x 25' I am looking for a pretinted or tintable, penetrating, water proof sealant that will resist oil. I have used solvent based acrylics in the past and had excellent results but they were always clear. I would also like it to be a lower sheen something like eggshell or even a flat sheen would be best. Do you have any products that may fit my needs?

    I do not know of a tinted or tintable penetrating sealer, and that is primarily related to how the penetrating sealer works. 

    You can get tinted acrylic sealer, but this won't give you long lasting protection against oil.