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Universal Color Packs

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Increte Systems' Universal Color Packs are used to pigment Euclid Chemical solvent based cure & seals, joint fillers, polymeric repair materials, and epoxy coatings. Formulated from high-quality, concentrated pigments, UNIVERSAL COLOR PACKS are available in 33 standard colors, eliminating the need to keep a large inventory of construction products in multiple colors. Simply mix COLOR PACKS into the products listed below to create a custom look with color.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to dose and mix in
  • Convenient, low-waste packaging

6 per case

Recommended dosage 1 to 4 Color Packs per 5 gallon pail, depending on the deepness of color desired. A test section should be applied to determine the number of Color Packs needed to achieve the desired appearance. Darker colors typically require fewer Color Packs than lighter colors.


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  • How many tubes are in the pack for $74.00?


  • We're looking at getting some kind of gray, and I see that the dropdown box in your website does not have Soft Gray or Euro Gray. Is it possible to get one of those, if that's what my husband and I end up agreeing on?

    We no longer have a soft gray or euro gray option however the silver gray can be mixed darker or lighter depending on how many packs you use in a pail.

  • How long to ship to southern California? Thanks

    Standard ground shipping would be about 5 days.

  • Can this be used with Super Diamond Clear VOX sealer?

    No.  It can be used in solvent based sealer, where VOX is water based.