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Universal Color Packs

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Increte Systems' Universal Color Packs are used to pigment Euclid Chemical solvent based cure & seals, joint fillers, polymeric repair materials, and epoxy coatings. Formulated from high-quality, concentrated pigments, UNIVERSAL COLOR PACKS are available in 33 standard colors, eliminating the need to keep a large inventory of construction products in multiple colors. Simply mix COLOR PACKS into the products listed below to create a custom look with color.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to dose and mix in
  • Convenient, low-waste packaging

6 per case

Recommended dosage 1 to 4 Color Packs per 5 gallon pail, depending on the deepness of color desired. A test section should be applied to determine the number of Color Packs needed to achieve the desired appearance. Darker colors typically require fewer Color Packs than lighter colors.


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  • Can you mix Browntone with Diamond Clear

    Like a brown color pack?   Yes,  the universal color packs are made for solvent based sealers such as diamond clear and super diamond clear

  • if I want it darker how many tubes should I use

    Generally you use 3 per 5 gallon pail for standard dosage.

  • I’m searching for black diamond clear,for my pavers& brick walk,I sealed them With it from 2004-2012,every year then cement store where I purchased it,closed & another local cement shop sold me an inferior sealer(although they told me it was better) that cost more & it turned all my pavers & walk cloudy & washed out,they told me to spray/wet with xylene,which I did but they looked good short term & were washed out again,that I attempted sandblasting the sealer off& they are still faded & washed out looking,, I’m thinking if I can get the diamond clear tinted to help give the pavers their true color,which is like a light terracotta,or desert rose color

    We have a product called Super Diamond Clear that will work with the tint, but not a black diamond clear.

  • How many tubes are in the pack for $74.00?


  • We're looking at getting some kind of gray, and I see that the dropdown box in your website does not have Soft Gray or Euro Gray. Is it possible to get one of those, if that's what my husband and I end up agreeing on?

    We no longer have a soft gray or euro gray option however the silver gray can be mixed darker or lighter depending on how many packs you use in a pail.

  • How long to ship to southern California? Thanks

    Standard ground shipping would be about 5 days.

  • Can this be used with Super Diamond Clear VOX sealer?

    No.  It can be used in solvent based sealer, where VOX is water based. 

  • I transported a heavy stepping stone on a rubber wheeled 4 wheel moving dolly over a Diamond Clear sealed driveway. The sealer was applied a couple weeks prior to the move. The cement worker performed a heavy application with a roller over the freshly poured cement. There were wheel tracks left in the sealed surface that after 2 years, still remain. There are also lighter and darker areas along with a yellowing on the apron just in front of the garage door that never sees the sun. Can I spray on a new coat of Diamond Clear and expect the tracks and shading to disappear?

    Most likely you should be able to go over top with a new coat and the tracks should disappear. For the yellowing, I would first mist with xylene to see if that clears it up.

  • how many ounces in each tube?

    About 7.5 oz per

  • How many packs needed for 5 gal container?

    1 to 4 depending on color.  They come in a case of 6

  • Do you have a color pack in White? I have a project that is specified Euclid Super Diamond VOX in White. Is this doable

    VOX is a water based sealer so it doesn't work with the universal color packs. I am not aware of a way to tint VOX.

  • Do you ship to Québec, Canada ?

    This product we do not. Some of the Ghostshield products will ship to Canada

  • Paid for next day air service but doesn’t show order has shipped.

    We make every effort to get next day and 2nd day shipments out the same day we get the order,  however our shipping policy states we can not guarantee expires shipments after 10am due to order volume.