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Honey-Do List Item Made Easy

Let’s Knock This Off Your Honey-Do List

 Let me ask you, does your significant other ever mention the patio that just doesn’t have that eye-catching pop anymore?  Do you ever think that it would be nice to bring back the color from when it was first installed? 

It is much easier than you would think to seal your patio. By far the easiest and most cost-effective way of protecting your concrete is by treating it with a high quality concrete sealer.

Why seal decorative concrete

*Helps Repel Moisture that encourages the growth of mold or moss, which could weaken and eventually break down concrete.

*Resists stains from paint, fruits, beverages, grease, dirt or anything that may leave ugly impressions on a concrete surface.

*Increases Durability of concrete through protected exposure to sunlight, weather, cracking, scaling, and other common concrete problems.

*Enhances Color by preventing them from fading, making stains, dyes, or pigments more vibrant and can add a shine.

*Extends Life by increasing the concrete’s longevity.                                                

What You Need

 Concrete sealers are easy-to-apply once you have the right tools and know-how.  To start, make sure you are working with a clean surface.  Use a pressure washer to clean the surface and let it dry for a full day, minimum. 

From there, all you need is a quality concrete sealer, a 3/8” nap solvent resistant paint roller, handle, and tray.  For most cases, we recommend Super Diamond Clear.  This will give you the glossy look most people are looking for.  Check out the video below for how to apply the sealer.

Still, you should remember that sealing your decorative concrete isn’t a permanent solution. It will still require re-coating as the sealer won’t last forever. We recommend sealing your concrete every year as the sealer will degrade after a year or two. The speed at which it fades or stops providing protection would depend on use and abuse of the surface.

What We Use

 The right choice in a concrete sealer, as well as proper application and care, is your best insurance to ensure the beauty and integrity of your concrete surfaces lasts long term. Super Diamond Clear is a solvent based curing and sealing compound specially designed to cure new concrete, and seal existing concrete.  It does this while providing a non-yellowing seal to protect and enhance the appearance of concrete. It’s easily applied to driveways & exterior patios, walls and columns, exposed aggregate and dry shake floors.  Super Diamond Clear not only promotes concrete strength and durability through proper curing but also enhances its color. It will provide gloss to the surface and can be tinted with Euclid Universal Color Packs to add some deeper color to your surface.

So, mark this easy honey-do item off your list and get back to enjoying the great outdoors on your revitalized patio!

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