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ChemMasters: Crystal Clear-A

ChemMasters: Crystal Clear-A

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Crystal Clear-A

Crystal Clear-A is a solvent based product which meets the VOC requirements of the Ozone Transport Commission, in effect as of Jan. 1st, 2005

Crystal Clear-A coats concrete with a chemically bonded siliconized acrylic film that deepens the color and enhances the look of pigmented or decorative concrete. Crystal Clear-A completely resists discoloration from ultraviolet light exposure. It keeps its high gloss finish much longer than standard concrete sealers. Crystal Clear-A will retard efflorescence while resisting oil, grease and food stains. Crystal Clear-A eliminates concrete dusting, while protecting concrete against salt and water penetration.


Use on exterior plain, colored, textured or exposed aggregate concrete to

  • Cure freshly poured concrete where superior curing efficiency is required.
  • Seal, harden and dustproof existing concrete, particularly architectural or residential concrete exposed to freeze-thaw or Ultra Violet light.
  • Enhance the color and and gloss of pigmented or stamped concrete.


  • Crystal Clear-A is much tougher than acrylic sealers. The high gloss created by Crystal Clear-A lasts up to 70% longer.
  • Crystal Clear-A completely resists discoloration from ultraviolet light exposure.
  • Complies with the VOC standards for concrete sealers in the following states: California, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington and other area that require the VOC limits on curing & sealing compounds to be less than 350 grams per liter
  • Crystal Clear-A cures concrete to ASTM C1315 standards to minimize cracking and increase the strength of concrete.
  • Protects surfaces against deicing chemicals, fertilizers, salts, grease, oil, alkalies, mild acids and detergents.

Finish: High Gloss

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  • I want to put this on my beanbag boards of wood, will it bond to it? I know you have a product for wood but I have a lot of this and want to use it up

    It may work.  I'd test a small area first.

  • Can i buy this product in BUFFLAO NY

    We can ship this product for free to Buffalo, NY.