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Pro Paver Poly Sand

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INCRETE PRO PAVER POLY SAND is a blend of finely graded natural sand, re-dispersible dry polymers, and iron oxide pigments. When placed and dampened, POLY SAND fills gaps, reduces trip hazards, and securely locks pavers/slabs/stones in their place. Unsightly weed growth and ant infestation is also held in-check to keep your decorative installation looking pristine. POLY SAND is a low-dust/haze resistant formula that is available in 7 colors to compliment any placement. Easy to install! Once the units are set in place, simply broom Poly Sand into the joints, compact and wet. No special equipment is needed. Poly sand is ideal for joint widths ranging from ¼” to 1½” and may be filled to chamfer level or full height. 

Features & Benefits

  • Designed For Commercial and Residential Use
  • Resists Erosion
  • Heavy Duty Formula Ideal for High Traffic Areas
  • Inhibits Weed Growth and Insects
  • For New Joints or Replacement of Existing Joints
  • Sets in Temperatures Above 35° F (2° C)
  • Available in 6 standard colors plus natural
  • Low dust
  • Easy fast installation
  • Strengthens interlocking joints

Comes in 50 lbs bags


  • It is ideal for use on any paver surface including sloping areas, driveways, patios, pool decks, sidewalks, public projects, commercial and industrial sites. May be used with concrete pavers, clay bricks, natural stone.
  • We recommend using a pump type sprayer to set the sand as over-wetting may cause poor performance of the polymers in the sand. Using a garden hose end sprayer with MIST setting is NOT recommended.  

Depending on quantity, this may arrive via freight shipment.  Customer is responsible for unloading of the shipment.


Tech Data


Ask a Question
  • If I'm reading this right it is $97.50 for 4 bags

    That is price per each,  shipped. If you need a larger quantity,  we can work up a custom quote.

  • What color of polymeric San do should I use with red and gray pavers?

    Generally a brick red or sun gray, but depends on your shade of colors

  • Can this be used to fill concrete saw cuts and expansion joints? How would I determine total bags needed?

    I think you would be better off using a joint compound that flexes a bit more.

  • Do you have samples for proper color selection?

    Yes!  Give us a call and we can get you set up.  888-391-2227

  • Where canI find the best source and best price for dark gray locking sand

    We have several gray options. Charcoal,  sun gray, and pewter. Charcoal is the darkest

  • How many pounds per bag


  • Can this polymer sand be used to fill 2inch wide by 8 foot long areas between concrete patio blocks?

    depends on depth, but most likely yes

  • how can i get a sample of the red and the natural

    Contact us at 1-888-391-2227 and we can work on lining up a sample shipment.

  • I have 2 questions, 1. Can I get a sample or is this available through retail distribution? 2. How much sand for a 20 x 24 brick patio and can I blend a blue and grey a d have it look good.

    Samples are available, contact us for pricing on samples.

    To give you a quantity for your patio, we need to know your joint size.  Let us know and we're happy to help!

  • How is the best way to pack the product between joints that are 1/4 to 3/8 inch wide? Also, will the product “stain “ the pavers if the color isn’t an exact match? Do I need to pressure wash out the crack from previous attempts to fill or Will a thin layer on top of the existing filler give me good results? Maybe the better question is ... how thick does it need to be to produce the desired results?

    You typically would want the poly sand to be full depth of the pavers. It won't stain the pavers, as you should broom away the excess. To pack the sand, you can use a dowel or something similar.

  • Can this be used in joints on stamped concrete?

    Yes, provided they are deep enough to retain the sand

  • Where are you located.

    South Dakota

  • Can this be used to fill 3 inch gaps between pavers?

    The max recommended width is 1.5".

  • How much does a bag weigh

    50 lbs

  • Can this be used for leveling too?

    This would be an expensive option to use to level pavers

  • Where can i buy this product

    Right here:

  • Where can I buy this product

    You can buy it right here:

    Free shipping!

  • Does this come in Ivory or white something close to White not beige

    Sorry, these are the only options we have.

  • How long does the item take to ship and receive?

    Depends on where you are located!  Let us know and we can give you a rough timeframe.

  • I live in zip code 10536. Where may I purchase several bags of brick red

    You can buy it from us online, with free shipping, right here

  • How many square feet does 1 bag cover?

    Depends on the size of your joints.  Here is the tech data with coverage rates
    Paver Sand Tech Data

  • Do you mix this with water then apply? How fast does it dry? What is the best tool to use for application?

    Here is the tech data, with application instructions:

    PRO PAVER POLYSAND Installation:
    1. Using a broom, sweep INCRETE POLYMER SAND into the paver joints, filling up the entire joint.
    2. Compact sand into joints as thoroughly as possible.
    3. Remove any remaining sand from the paver surface prior to dampening (a leaf blower may be utilized).
    4. Apply a fine mist of water taking care not to displace the sand or flood the joints.
    5. Wait 10 to 15 minutes and repeat with another fine mist of water until the joint is completely saturated but
    not flooded

    I cant stress this enough, do not use the mist setting of a hose end sprayer. Get a pump garden sprayer that will produce a mist, and use that to wet the sand.

  • Does this product works like sandlock?

    Better, because you don't have to mix it

  • How many pounds in a bag?

    50 lbs

  • Is this called sandlock?

    Sandlock is a polymer additive, that you add to sand. This is pre mixed

  • Can U use on Unilock and how long does it last What color is best

    Yes, you can use polymeric sand.  This is from the manufacturers website:
    Best Option: Any polymeric sand or ordinary concrete sand stabilized by a water-based or solvent-based joint sand stabilizer sealer.

    The lifespan of the sand is dependant on a lot of factors, like traffic, care, etc, but it meant to be a long term product.  The color of sand really depends on the look you are going for.  We have several options, and all seem to be quite popular

  • What color paver joint sand is typically used for a red brick walkway and patio? I assumed red but it seems red is a difficult color to come by so I am now wondering what the walkway would look like with a different color. Can I get some samples to install and see?

    We can send some samples or we have some pictures we can send.  Shoot us an email and we will get you taken care of!

  • Can you send me a photo of the charcoal

    Give us a call, we will need your email address or phone number.

  • How do I order the samples to try for colour

    give us a call! 888-391-2227

  • Can you please email me color pictures of sun grey and autumn brown? How many bags will I need for 2 cu ft of poly sand?

    We can definitely send you some pictures, if you can email us, we will get the pictures sent over.

    For 2 cubic feet of poly sand, you will need about 4 bags of sand.

  • Do you guys have samples for customers, so we may try to match and see what color would look best?

    We have some pre-cured color sticks we can send pictures of, or we have 1lb sample bags that we can ship out for $15.  If you make a purchase of poly sand, you get credited back the $15.

  • What area of driveway can a 50lb bag cover. What is your contact phone number. Thanks.

    Based on a standard 2” x 4” x 8” (50mm x 100mm x 200mm) brick:
    • Narrow Joints--1/8” (3 mm): 1 bag will cover up to 80-100 sq. ft. (7.4-9.3 m2)
    • Medium Joints--1/4”(6 mm): 1 bag will cover 40-50 sq. ft. (3.7-4.7 m2)
    • Wide Joints--3/4” (13 mm): 1 bag will cover up to 15-25 sq. ft. (1.5-2.3 m2)

    Our number is 888-391-2227

  • Do you still sell natural

    Yes, Natural color Poly Sand is still available.

  • How many square feet of 12in pavers Will one bag cover

    It depends on joint size.
    Based on a standard 2” x 4” x 8” brick:
    • Narrow Joints--1/8” : 1 bag will cover up to 80-100 sq. ft. 
    • Medium Joints--1/4”: 1 bag will cover 40-50 sq. ft. 
    • Wide Joints--3/4” : 1 bag will cover up to 15-25 sq. ft. 

    So, you would probably need 1/4 the quantity above since your pavers are larger and would have less joints.

  • How many 50 pound bags do you get for $80.00? Also do you have a sample of the autumn brown color you could send me?

    One 50lbs bag is $80, which includes shipping.  We can send a sample as soon as we get some back in stock, which should be in a day or two.

  • Is the cost $80.00 per bag?

    $80 per 50 lbs bag.

  • Is the autumn brown true to the color sample shown. I looked at the quikqurt color stating it was brown but the color was a mustard color? I paid to much for my pavers to not be sasitfied.

    When installed, it is true to color.

  • I have a large driveway with wood between the concrete slabs and the wood is breaking away. Can I use this product to fill in between the slabs and how does it hold up to heavy water run off?

    Once it sets, it gets hard and water doesn't pass through.  This sounds like a good option depending on how large the gap is you're trying to fill.

  • I wanted to order the brick red sand for in between bricks. Can it be used to fill the joints and is it sand that has to set with water or do you just have regular joint sand in red for bricks

    Assuming you mean paver bricks, this is the best option for setting them.  You need to get the surface with water to get it to set up.

  • I hate the color of polymer on now, can I go over it with another color

    For the best results, i would suggest using a hot water pressure washer to loosen the existing sand, then let it dry and apply new.

    Here is a video on what you would want to do:

  • Hello, I am interested in your product. I have a 2000sf driveway and need to install the polymeric sand. do you offer color samples? I would like to try sun gray and charcoal. I live in orange county ca. Please let me know what you can offer. Thank you Mark

    Hi Mark, 
    Yes ,we can send some samples. Please give us a call and we can get one set up.

  • will it work on a brick sidewalk in the I need to remove old material in between bricks?

    Is the brick grouted or held in place with sand ?If it's sand this would work great .If it is grout, I would replace with new grout

  • Can you send a sample of the autumn brown sand? I want to see the color of it before I order some bags. Tammy Jackson, 4806 L Avenue, Kearney, NE 68847

    Typically samples cost around $20-25. We can send you an invoice and get one on the way.

  • Do you still stock the brick red Paver poly sand ?

    Yes we do.

  • Just ordered & received last week. Installed yesterday - How long after water pump spray application can you expect hardness? How long before it rains? Thank you,

    Typically looking for 24 hours to be set for foot traffic. Need to protect against rain for 8 hours.

  • I need enough sand to cover a 16 ft long and 12 ft wide patio ..if I calculated right that should be 4 bags... if someone would let me know before I place this order..thank you

    How big are the pavers and how big are the gaps?

  • Nowhere in here does it tell me how much I get for the $115.99 .....can we do a little better with our marketing please 🙄

    I suppose the 50 lbs bag doesnt exactly stand out below the application videos. I will change it.

  • I need this for a patio that is 9’x12’Stones are 12”c12”Will a 50# bag cover it?

    Depends on how big the gaps are. The coverage rates are located here:

  • I have decorative brick trim on top of concrete. But there are gaps between the concrete slabs that would allow the water to drain through. It looks like my best option for color would be a mixture of the red and brown sand. Would you be able to do a custom order? I can't use 2 bags. I can send a photo so you can clearly see the application.

    Unfortunately custom colors have a minimum order quantity. I would suggest a joint compound

  • Do we use a push broom to push this sand into the joints? Is this like polymeric sand?

    Yes. It is a polymeric sand.

  • I'm interested in your autumn brown or austin buff. I have 3 steps I'm putting flagstone on about a 5 x 5 area. What size bag would I order and what is the price? Do you sell at any retail stores in Arizona?

    The bags are 50 lbs, and one bag should cover that area depending on how big the gaps are. The price for one bag is $115 shipping included

    We do not have any retail stores in Arizona unfortunately.

  • How large is the bag? I can't find that info anywhere. How many pounds and / or how many cubic units..... Where are you located? How much is shipping? I need a good red color. Thanks,

    The bag is 50 lbs. The tech data link is at the bottom of the description with how much you can expect to fill based on a 4x8x2 paver. 

    Anything over $80 ships free.

  • Do you have the 1.25” thick size red paver?

    Sorry,  we don't carry pavers.

  • Would it be possible to apply poly sand on top of wet driveway control joint sealant in order to blend? Or will the poly sand harden too much and cause rigidity?

    Typically you want a minimum of 1" depth for poly sand.  If your joint sealer is that deep,  you should be able to use poly sand without issue.  It doesn't get hard like concrete so still has some give but excessive movement will have negative effects on the poly sand.

  • Can polymeric sand be used on pavers set on top of an elevated driveway? Our engineer has told me it cannot be used due to a high moisture content which doesn't make sense to me since that is exactly what it is designed to do in not letting moisture permeate the joints.

    Is the moisture coming from above or below?  If its coming from below, it can cause premature wearing as the sand wont have a chance to fully cure.  If the moisture is coming from above, for example rain, sprinklers, as long as you set it, and have enough time for it to cure before the next moisture, you should be fine.

  • Will this stain if used on an existing red brick patio?

    It won't stain,  but it will haze if the excess is not swept or blown off.

  • What color for pink gray tavertine by pool. Do you do tavertine repair

    Not sure.  You can send us pictures and we can take a look.  We do not do any travertine repair unfortunately.

  • I order sun gray polymeric sand last year and I need more under Mel Molina my phone number 703.674.7971 please response email

    We will send you a draft order to complete online.

  • I order this polysand last year September 26 2022. I need to talk to anyone. Please email me back with your phone number


  • I purchased polymeric sand 3 to 4 month ago I forgot where I ordered from. I'm just spreading and I need more. Can you please check your records if bought from you. Mel Molina address 1020 145th Street Circle NE Bradenton Florida 34212 thank you

    You ordered two bags of sun gray from us.