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Stone Essence - Concrete Stain

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STONE ESSENCE is a concentrated, water-based coloring system composed of UV stable, transparent, iron-oxide pigments that when applied results in a semi-transparent, natural looking concrete surface. STONE ESSENCE is not a sealer, but surfaces colored with STONE ESSENCE can be sealed with either solvent or water-based sealers. STONE ESSENCE is an alternative to acid-stained concrete.

Features & Benefits

  • No Odor
  • Won’t peel, chip, crack or fade
  • Contains no acids
  • Can be sealed as soon as it dries


  • Unpainted concrete and masonry surfaces
  • Interior and exterior
  • Patios
  • Commercial and residential
  • Architectural concrete
  • STONE-CRETE architectural wall system
  • Poured and pre-cast concrete
  • Pool decks (Kool Deck and Keystone)
  • Residential garage floors
  • Condominium catwalks


STONE ESSENCE concentrate is available in 1 qt (0.9 L) units, covering 200 to 300 sqft

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  • do you carrier beige concrete stain?

    We dont have a specific color that is called beige, however we have a bunch of options, in our 3 lines of stain and im sure one of them would be close.

  • I would like to re-stain my concrete fountain. Once sealed, will it be safe for birds?


  • Looking for Cherokee Red concrete stain.

    Sorry, we don't have a Cherokee red stain.  We do carry 3 different lines of stain if you find another option you like!

  • I am trying to stain a concrete water fountain. In a nutshell: it is a lady standing in a bowl and holding a basket. The water falls from the basket to the bowl. It was originally a bronze/brown color, and now the color is wearing off in high wear spots on the lady, and on the inside of the bowl--probably due to chemicals in the water. Can I use this stain in such an area? I know nothing will last forever, but I am having a hard time getting anything to stick to this statue. Thanks!

    Yes, you can use this to stain it, however the most important part is the sealing afterwards.  The sealer will protect the color and the concrete.

  • I have a stamped concrete patio about 4years old. I failed to reseal it since it was poured, and now I see spots where the top coloured surface is flaking off. Can I use Stone Essence to repair the flaked off spots? Can I apply after a good power-washing?

    You can use stone essence to color spots that need color, however due to the manufacturing process, slight changes in color may be possible.  You can apply to clean, dry concrete.

  • To stain unsealed flagstone it's been recommended that I use a watered-down concrete stain. Would this product be suitible for that? Thanks!

    This would be one option.  You could also use acid stain.

  • How do you apply I want to do a driveway. Do you mix the product? Trying to figure out how many bottles I need to buy. Thank you

    Here is a link to the Tech Data

    That will tell you how to mix and apply!

  • I have a brick fireplace. Can I use this product? How does it hold up from the heat from the fireplace?

    This can be used on brick as long as it is unpainted.  Assuming you wouldnt be applying inside the fireplace, but the surround, it should hold up fine.

  • After I stamp my concrete and use stamp release and everything is all dried up. Is it ok to just go ahead and use this to color/highlight my stamped concrete or do I have to clean concrete i stamped to get mold release off before i use this to color??

    You definitely need to clean the concrete prior to applying.

  • can this be applied over a previously 1 year ago sealed stamped concrete patio??

    No. You will need to remove the previously applied sealer so the stain can be directly to the concrete.

  • We have a fireplace hearth made of reddish tan sandstone. We would like to stain it to something in the dark grey/charcoal family. Do you think your Rich Earth or Black Stone Essence would work on our sandstone?

    We would not recommend a concrete stain for a stone application such as sandstone

  • Can this product be used to stain exterior faux stone (a masonry product) & stop the white leaching?

    The problem you would run in to is you have to mechanically abrade the the surface (grind) to get the pores to open and let in the stain.  I would be concerned with how that would look on your faux stonework.  The white leaching on the other hand is effloresence which can be fixed with a sealer such as our Siloxa-Tek-8510

  • What is quart price and gallon price? Thank you.

    One quart is $71 and that will mix with 3 quarts of water to make one gallon of stain