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Stone Essence - Concrete Stain

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STONE ESSENCE is a concentrated, water-based coloring system composed of UV stable, transparent, iron-oxide pigments that when applied results in a semi-transparent, natural looking concrete surface. STONE ESSENCE is not a sealer, but surfaces colored with STONE ESSENCE can be sealed with either solvent or water-based sealers. STONE ESSENCE is an alternative to acid-stained concrete.

Features & Benefits

  • No Odor
  • Won’t peel, chip, crack or fade
  • Contains no acids
  • Can be sealed as soon as it dries


  • Unpainted concrete and masonry surfaces
  • Interior and exterior
  • Patios
  • Commercial and residential
  • Architectural concrete
  • STONE-CRETE architectural wall system
  • Poured and pre-cast concrete
  • Pool decks (Kool Deck and Keystone)
  • Residential garage floors
  • Condominium catwalks


STONE ESSENCE concentrate is available in 1 qt (0.9 L) units, covering 200 to 300 sqft

Tech Data


Ask a Question
  • Can this be used to enhance a previous stamped similar color?

    Yes, as long as there isnt any previous sealer remaining on top.

  • Can this be used on stucco?

    Generally yes,  however we suggest testing a small area first

  • Can I use this to "tint" my plain stone fireplace? I apologize if this has been answered but there are pages of Q&A!

    Assuming it is cast stone, yes.  If it is natural stone, depending on the porosity, you would want to use an acid based stain such as the Stain-Crete

  • Previous concrete rock work was stained black with chem stain, can a lighter color of this use to help lighten it?

    If there is no sealer on the previous, it can change the color. We suggest testing a small area first!

  • Can this be used on existing stamped concrete to change the color?

    Yes it can.  We suggest testing a small area first to make sure you get the color results you're looking for as different colors will produce different results with previously colored concrete.

  • We have a rock salt pitted concrete patio and we wanted to stain over the concrete. Many of the salt spots are small with no depth but some are larger, do we need to do anything special when applying the water based stain over the pitted concrete?

    I would just try to not let it pool in the pitted areas.  Otherwise,  you should be good!

  • Can you stain River Rock landscape stone to make a more consistent color? I was thinking of using a concrete mixer to stain and blend the stone

    Depends on how porous the rock is. The different colors of rock will react to the stain differently, possibly not ending up the same color.

  • Can you use on exterior brick home


  • How do I apply the on concrete floor

    Sprayer is what we usually use!

  • Do you have smaller samples?

    Give us a call Monday and we can help you out! 


  • Can this be used in outdoor Saltillo tiles…we are trying to make them a more brown red color….appreciate your help!

    I would recommend one of our water based stains located Here

  • I have white and grey cap rock that i want to stain with the rusty iron orw look ro match the other cap rock

    This should help!

  • Can I use this on Saltillo!


  • We would like to stain our concrete block foundation to our home and concrete block chimney. The painters that painted the house go over spray in paint on the foundation block. Would your product work for these projects? Do you have color samples we can purchase to experiment?

    The overspray would need to be removed.  Unfortunately we don't have samples of the water based stain,  but we can get a full set of samples of the acid stain.

  • I have a fireplace hearth stone that was installed. It has some stains in it, which the company told me was moisture. They told me the spots would dry within 30 days or so. The spots are definitely stains of some sort and not moisture. Instead of ripping the hearth off, we are wondering if we could stain it with something that would cover the spots. Do you think that your Stone Essence would work on something of this nature?

    Is the hearth stone or concrete?
    Give us a call or respond to our email and we can get you squared away

  • What product do you offer to etch freshly poured concrete? Can I etch within 10-14 days? What do you use to neutralize stain?

    For etching,  I would suggest Hydro-Etch
    The manufacturer doesn't have a specific time frame for etching but 10 to 14 days shouldn't cause an issue.

    The stain you reference is water based,  so no neutralization needed

  • i sealed my knee wall stone with a xylene solvent sealer a few years ago. it's still pretty shiny. i hate the colors though and would like to use some of your products to lessen the brightness. will it stick to the sealer?

    No. You will need to remove the sealer.

  • Can you stain Mexican tile with this product?

    Typically,  ceramic tile isn't porous enough to take the stain.

  • Can you use stone essence with the walnut acid stain and clear seal?

    It would be better to stick with the same type of stain.  Water based or acid based but not both.   Both should be sealed afterwards

  • I have a brownish tan stone island grill that is starting to get a little chalky on paint. What can I use to make it pretty again

    Per our conversation yesterday, you could use stone essence and diamond clear sealer to protect it.

  • Can I use this product for travertine stone tiles?

    Yes. Travertine is generally very porous so it takes stain well

  • I am staining a fresh 4500psi concrete wall. How long after the wall is set should I wait before staining? What sealer do you recommend?

    I would wait 28 days until it's fully cured.  For sealer,  it depends on what finish you're looking for.  Matte or gloss?

  • Who carries stone essence in Spokane WA

    Not sure.  We don't have contacts for any distributors in Washington.

  • Do I have to etch my concrete or is pressure washing enough?

    Pressure washing will work

  • Can this work to change the color of pink flagstone that is on the front of a house?

    Depends on the porosity of the stone.  Generally I would recommend an acid stain over a water based stain for a stone application. 
    Stain Crete

  • Hi, Does this work on saltillo tiles?


  • Can I apply this on natural lime stone?

    I would suggest a acid based stain over a water based stain for stone applications.  
    Check out our acid stain here:

  • Would this work for a driveway and parking lot

    Yes,  it would work on a concrete parking lot and driveway

  • We need to change the color of new installed tile grout. The grout looks white. It needs to be darkened then sealed. The grout is a sanded grout. Thank you! Sheila

    Grout needs a specific stain that we do not offer.  I would check your local tile store.

  • i need a stain to restain the interior of my concrete water fountain outside.

    I would recommend an acid based stain. Stain-Crete

  • Hi, I need to stain 2200 square feet with storm gray. How much would I need. Also.what sealer do you recommend and how much of that? Satin or matte finish.

    Conservatively,  11 quart bottles,  making 11 gallons.  Indoors or outdoors? That will help me with a sealer recommendation

  • I am wanting to use this product to stain a caste stone fireplace, it is currently a beige color. Should I use Rich Earth to achieve a gray color?

    Staining already colored concrete is tough to know the color outcome.  We reccomend testing a small area to make sure it comes out to the color you are looking for.

  • I just had a RediRock retaining wall completed. I’m thinking wet sand as a base color and Walnut for accent. Will a pump sprayer be best and can this be a DIY project? Also, what is best for a sealer?

    Pump sprayer is the recommended method of application.  It is a very easy process!

    For sealer, it depends on the look you're trying to achieve.  Gloss, matte, etc. Let us know and we can make a recommendation!

  • I'm trying to find a product to stain the matte finish textured porcelain tile on my shower floor. Would this product work?

    Tile is tough because it is not porous and doesn't take the stain.  You can test a small area first and see if you get the look you want. 

  • How much does one quart make when it’s mixed

    1 gallon

  • Hi, I’m trying to stain some red brick front yard and driveway pavers to a grey color. Is this a good product for this project? Thanks!

    Not sure if this would be the best option as pavers take stain differently than normal concrete.  We would suggest testing a small area first.

  • How do I apply the stain

    Sprayer or brush

  • Do you have to grind concrete floors for this to work as opposed to acid stains? You don't have to grind in order to use acid stains

    Depends on the surface of the floor. Broom finish,  no.  Polished, yes

  • What two colors would go together to make it look like the ocean? I'm thinking turquoise as a base and deep water as accent color?

    I would swap those personally. 

  • Can I use this product on stamped concrete patio ? I have not sealed it yet ,was not happy with the job very blotchy . Thanks Jim

    Send us some pictures so we can see what you're working with.

  • Two questions, does the Storm Grey have blue in it? Looking for a blue-grey. Also, looking to stain new concrete on a custom fountain (exterior). Will it be difficult to control the stain running down on the vertical walls? Any tips for applying to vertical surfaces?

    Storm Grey has blue/ green in it.   For vertical surfaces,  we would suggest using a brush vs a sprayer.

  • hi, i have an unpolished marble table top i want to re-stain. it was stained about 20 years ago and it starting to show lots of wear and tear so i want to re-coat it ... the top is very porous, as it is the unpolished side of the marble slab, but it does have old stain on it that i'd rater not try and get off. do i need to? i can send a pic if that would be helpful! thanks!

    I would worry more about any sealer on the surface over existing stain.   You will want to make sure there isn't any sealer to prevent the stain from adhering

  • Would it color a large boulder ?

    Depending on the type of rock, it might.  It needs to be somewhat porous to accept the stain.

  • Will your product work on lueder limestone ? Our stone is 1 x 2 cut smooth resembling pavers.

    Assuming it isn't completely smooth, and has enough texture to adhere to,  this should work.  You will need to seal afterwards.

  • Can i use this product in the fireplace stones and it is water based?

    Yes, if it is porous, and yes it is water based

  • Will this work on Fast Set Mortar Mix?


  • Do different colors have to be mixed to get the Walnut stain? Or is it just that one stain I need to purchase?

    It is just one stain. Each color is Independent.

  • We have ceramic tile in our kitchen. We want to make it a little darker and with a variegated look. Will this product work for that?

    Generally ceramic is not porous enough to accept stain.  You could stain your grout though

  • I purchased this stain. I assume it will work on concrete split faced block. Could you verify that for me?

    Yes, it will work.

  • Can this be applied to a concrete pool deck? Will the chlorinated water affect the stain color or sealer? I live in the hot TX sun, will it fade? Thanks!

    It can but could risk run off when applying into the pool. Would need to seal with an appropriate sealer when done to protect from chlorinated water as well. If you keep it sealed, the color hold.

  • If the stain (INCRETE systems stone essence concentrated transparent stain) was mixed and left to dried out can it be reconstituted and used again?

    This would not be recommended as the color may not have the desired effect.

  • I have large salt and pepper granite boulders dominating my landscaping. I can’t afford to remove them. I want to tone them down to shades of brown and dark grays. What’s the best product to do this?

    You can use this to stain the boulders, however generally all stain should be sealed for longevity

  • We have 1980s giraffe stone in various tones of orange and brown on the exterior of our home. We’d like a flat finish that will simply tone back the orange to more neutral shades on some of the stones. We do not wish for it to looked painted and we do not plan to stain all the stones. Thoughts?

    Stain is an option, however all colors shown are against gray concrete, so we can't guarantee the results.

  • Might any of your colors help lighten (toward neutral grey-ish) brown brick building facade?

    I don't think this would work for that.  With the brown being the dominant color, the stain wouldn't come through as the same color

  • I recently installed some 24x24 travertine pavers in the back yard. They produce a lot of glare though. Is it possible to stain them a darker color? What kind of product would I use?

    You would be looking for a water based stain, not an acid stain.  
    Check out our Stone Essence line or Hydro-Stain

  • We live in Kona, Hawaii. I have concrete pads, custom made of various sizes and shapes at the bottom of our driveway in front of our garage. They were installed when the house was built 11 years ago. They were stained black to look like lava and sealed. Two years ago, there were areas on most of the pads showing bare cement. I hired a company to re-stain all the pads but they did not use a sealer. They looked great for about a year. Now they look worse than they did two years ago with lots of bare cement showing through. If I get this stain in black and apply, will it look uniform in color (black)? Then use a sealer afterward. How long should it last?

    I can't say how uniform it will be to your previous stain, but I also suggest sealing every year to protect your color.

  • Can I use this to cover Mexican tile in my kitchen

    No, this cant be used on ceramic tile.

  • I have a brown flagstone fireplace that I want to lighten up to a light whitewash color. Do you have a color that would work? I only saw gray that was too dark.

    Can you please email a picture to

  • I have a travertine bathroom floor (6'x4'),and the small air bubble holes,the edges around the white patch-work pick-up the gray grout color when I grouted the joints. This makes floor look dirty. Is there anything to lighten the off-gray color a bit without destroying the tiles? 2Question I have a lot more. If sealed it before installing it would that help?

    Can you send us a picture please?

  • Can a river rock flagstone patio that is sandstone color be darkened to look brownish-gray. The sandstone color has too much orange in it to me.

    Is the patio actually flagstone?  Or is it concrete? Give us a call or send us an email and we will see what we can do to help!


  • I want to stain a corner fireplace multicolored. If I buy 3-5 colors for mixing, it’s way too much material. Would you be amenable to selling “sample” sizes?

    There are no sellable sample sizes.

  • I had pavers installed as edging around mulch. I didn’t realize that the pavers look pink against my gray house. I hate it. Can I use this product to bring Down the color of the pavers

    Yes. This works with most cementious based products.  However we reccomend testing a small area first to make sure you get the look you are after!

  • Is there something I can add to make the colors lighter?

    you can add more water.

  • Is the gray dark? Can it be used to stain orange and red brick fireplace? What is the coverage/opacity like?

    You can change the mix ration to get the desired effect.  I would test it on a small area first to see if you can get the look you want on your brick.  
    Here is the tech data for additional information:

  • Will this stain the concrete pointing between the rocks if i spray it on? Would brush application be better?

    yes, it will typically stain whatever is pourous to accept it. If worried about other surfaces, brushing could be used.

  • Best way to apply

    Add 1 part STONE ESSENCE with 3 parts water. Mix thoroughly. Apply evenly with a pump sprayer while mixing or shaking periodically to prevent pigments from separating. Avoid puddling. Allow slab to dry completely prior to sealing.

  • Looking for a gray color

    Rich Earth or Storm Gray

  • We sealed it with your high glossy material. Do we need to give it a second coat? Thank you

    personal preference.  I usually reccomend a second coat of sealer, just to make sure the product is well protected.

  • do you carrier beige concrete stain?

    We dont have a specific color that is called beige, however we have a bunch of options, in our 3 lines of stain and im sure one of them would be close.

  • I would like to re-stain my concrete fountain. Once sealed, will it be safe for birds?


  • Looking for Cherokee Red concrete stain.

    Sorry, we don't have a Cherokee red stain.  We do carry 3 different lines of stain if you find another option you like!

  • I am trying to stain a concrete water fountain. In a nutshell: it is a lady standing in a bowl and holding a basket. The water falls from the basket to the bowl. It was originally a bronze/brown color, and now the color is wearing off in high wear spots on the lady, and on the inside of the bowl--probably due to chemicals in the water. Can I use this stain in such an area? I know nothing will last forever, but I am having a hard time getting anything to stick to this statue. Thanks!

    Yes, you can use this to stain it, however the most important part is the sealing afterwards.  The sealer will protect the color and the concrete.

  • I have a stamped concrete patio about 4years old. I failed to reseal it since it was poured, and now I see spots where the top coloured surface is flaking off. Can I use Stone Essence to repair the flaked off spots? Can I apply after a good power-washing?

    You can use stone essence to color spots that need color, however due to the manufacturing process, slight changes in color may be possible.  You can apply to clean, dry concrete.

  • To stain unsealed flagstone it's been recommended that I use a watered-down concrete stain. Would this product be suitible for that? Thanks!

    This would be one option.  You could also use acid stain.

  • How do you apply I want to do a driveway. Do you mix the product? Trying to figure out how many bottles I need to buy. Thank you

    Here is a link to the Tech Data

    That will tell you how to mix and apply!

  • I have a brick fireplace. Can I use this product? How does it hold up from the heat from the fireplace?

    This can be used on brick as long as it is unpainted.  Assuming you wouldnt be applying inside the fireplace, but the surround, it should hold up fine.

  • After I stamp my concrete and use stamp release and everything is all dried up. Is it ok to just go ahead and use this to color/highlight my stamped concrete or do I have to clean concrete i stamped to get mold release off before i use this to color??

    You definitely need to clean the concrete prior to applying.

  • can this be applied over a previously 1 year ago sealed stamped concrete patio??

    No. You will need to remove the previously applied sealer so the stain can be directly to the concrete.

  • We have a fireplace hearth made of reddish tan sandstone. We would like to stain it to something in the dark grey/charcoal family. Do you think your Rich Earth or Black Stone Essence would work on our sandstone?

    We would not recommend a concrete stain for a stone application such as sandstone

  • Can this product be used to stain exterior faux stone (a masonry product) & stop the white leaching?

    The problem you would run in to is you have to mechanically abrade the the surface (grind) to get the pores to open and let in the stain.  I would be concerned with how that would look on your faux stonework.  The white leaching on the other hand is effloresence which can be fixed with a sealer such as our Siloxa-Tek-8510

  • What is quart price and gallon price? Thank you.

    One quart is $71 and that will mix with 3 quarts of water to make one gallon of stain

  • Can this be used on Saltillo tile?

    Most likely yes, but it depends on the porosity.

  • do you sell this in 1 gal size

    No, but one pint makes one gallon of stain.

  • Good day. Do you ship to South Africa?

    Sorry,  but at this time,  we do not.

  • Can I use this on a limestone slab

    Yes you can.

  • I need a color chart

    Located here:

    It is the second picture

  • What is your contact information


  • Can this product be used on granite lettering?

    Granite typically isn't porous enough for water based stain. I would check out the Stain-Crete

  • How do you lighten the stain?

    What color are you trying to achieve?

  • Can this be used on travertine?

    Travertine is porous so it can be stained,  however the color may not come out as shown due to varying colors.  Most Travertine is stained with wood stain.

  • Is this good for artificial cement pool rock?

    Should work just fine,  but we recommend testing a small area first.

  • I am looking for a color that is grey with hints of brown - would that be “rich earth” or would I need to mix “walnut” or another brown to achieve that color?

    Typically when you are looking for two colors such as gray and brown,  you have two separate stains.  Rich earth is more gray and a dark gray/charcoal color.

  • can this be used to stain raw faded exterior terracotta bricks?

    Yes,  however we suggest testing a small area first.

  • Is there an acceptable surface prep if I would like to maintain a new concrete medium broom finish (1/32 to 3/64 in. depth)? Product indicates for the surface to achieve a surface profile equal to CSP 1-2 in accordance with ICRI Guideline 310.2. Following these guidelines seem like they could compromise the medium broom finish

    Broom finish is acceptable for staining concrete.

  • Can Stone Essence Stain get rained upon before sealing it?

    Should be ok with a light rain but ideally not.  It can be sealed as soon as it dries.

  • I have Austin stone facia and want to turn it from brown tones to gray tones. Will your product do this?

    This product is semi transparent so it won't give you a full paint like color change,  however it can help change the color.  We suggest testing a small area first

  • I have a limestone hearth on my fireplace that is stained with the anti creosote spray. I had sealed it when it was brand new and despite the sealing, the stains are deep and dark. Would your product help in this situation?

    If you were able to remove the creosote first,  you would be able to. The stain is semi transparent so there is a chance the creosote stains would show through

  • can this be used to tint a stark white, unsealed, concrete Moroccan tile (with a black design) so that the white is "warmer", more of an ivory?

    Yes,  but we suggest testing a small area first to make sure you are getting the results you want.

  • Hello - do you a small sampler pack or do you paper copies of the colours so we can get a better idea of which one would best suit the concrete blocks we want to stain?

    We do have samples, they each come in 4oz bottles. There is a cost associated depending on how many you are looking for.  Otherwise, we can get pictures of our hard samples and send over if you can let us know which colors you are looking at.

  • We used wet sand on a patio and is perfect. Steps were poured at a different time and when staining also with wet sand we have a lot of orange and not the muted brown tones we have on patio. Can we correct the orange tones?

    Did you use the same bottle or different bottle from the patio to the steps?  If not mixed properly, you can get different shades.  If you can send some pictures, we can take a look.

  • what type of sealer should i use for this?

    It depends on the type of finish you are looking for.  High gloss,  matte, etc.  Let us know and we can make a recommendation!