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ChemMasters: Crystal Clear

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Crystal Clear

Siliconized Acrylic Concrete Cure and Seal

Crystal Clear is premium quality, super-high gloss, non-yellowing, curing and sealing compound. Crystal Clear is a state-of-the-art proprietary formulation with the longest lasting gloss.

Crystal Clear coats concrete with a chemically bonded siliconized acrylic film that deepens the color and enhances the look of pigmented or decorative concrete. Crystal Clear completely resists discoloration from ultraviolet light exposure. It is extremely abrasion resistant and keeps its high gloss finish much longer than standard concrete sealers. Crystal Clear will retard efflorescence while resisting oil, grease and food stains. Crystal Clear eliminates concrete dusting, while protecting concrete against salt and water penetration.


Use on exterior plain, colored, textured or exposed aggregate concrete to

  • Cure freshly poured concrete where superior curing efficiency is required.
  • Seal, harden and dustproof existing concrete, particularly architectural or residential concrete exposed to freeze-thaw or Ultra Violet light.
  • Enhance the color and and gloss of pigmented or stamped concrete.
  • Not for use in the following states. If your state is listed below, please check out Crystal Clear-A
    U.S. & Canada

    California, Colorado, Utah

    Maricopa County, Arizona
    Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin or Ohio covered by the Lake Michigan Air Directors Consortium (LADCO)
    Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Northern Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware or the District of Columbia covered by the Northeast Ozone Transport Commission (NE-OTC)


  • Crystal Clear is much tougher than acrylic sealers. The high gloss created by Crystal Clear lasts up to 70% longer.
  • Crystal Clear completely resists discoloration from ultraviolet light exposure.
  • Crystal Clear cures concrete to ASTM C1315 standards to minimize cracking and increase the strength of concrete.
  • Protects surfaces against deicing chemicals, fertilizers, salts, grease, oil, alkalies, mild acids and detergents

Finish: High Gloss

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  • Is this a water based acrylic

    it is not water based,  it is solvent based

  • Can this be used to seal pavers in Pinal county, Arizona? I used a polymer between the pavers.

    Yes it can!

  • can this be mixed with rocks or landscape glass and poured into small areas on ground?

    I would think you would be looking more for an epoxy type product for that application.

  • Is this best applied rolling or spraying it on?

    Both work. If it was me, I would go with a roller as it's easier to get consistent coverage.

  • Is this product slippery

    It can become slippery when wet, but there are options to add grip

  • Does this allow the concrete to breathe (water in concrete to evaporate during concrete curing). We poured concrete over a rubber membrane and sealed using this the next day after pouring. Now I’m a little worried the water may be trapped from evaporating. Thanks

    This is a cure and seal so it does allow the water to evaporate.

  • Can this be applied over diamond clear

    As a general rule, solvent based to solvent based sealer is good to go.  As always, test a small area first to make sure you are getting the look you want.

  • What are the temp restrictions. Can the be spray applied and can this be applied over epoxy product

    Do not use if ambient or substrate temperature is below 40°F (4°C). For best results condition material to a
    minimum of 50°F (10°C) prior to application

    Generally you would use a urethane over epoxy but depending on the epoxy product, this may work.

  • Can I get this in 1 gallon container. I'm sealing a memorial bench and don't need 5gallons

    Sorry, this isnt available in 1 gallon containers

  • Can this be used on wood for a strong high gloss finish( bean bag boards)

    The manufacturer doesnt specify this product for wood however Wear-Tek 4400  can be

  • Can you put a second coat on it and how long do you have to wait

    A second coat can be applied when the first coat is tack-free.  Generally around 2 hours depending on weather conditions.

  • Do you recommend adding grit or and additive to prevent slipping when wet. If so, what?

    Adding grip is never a bad idea if you have concerns about the surface being wet and slippery.  I would suggest Shur Grip

  • How long does it take this product to dry, how long should we plan to keep from walking on it!

    Drying Time @ 70f
    Tack Free 2 hours
    Light foot traffic 8 hours
    Maximum hardness 7 days

  • Can this be use inside like a big barn?

    With adequate ventilation, and a plan to not have anyone in the building for awhile while it cures, yes, it can.

  • If this product was applied 5 or 6 years ago, can I do another coat of it without stripping first?

    Yes. Just need to make sure it's clean and dry.

  • How long should this last before it needs to be redone on a driveway that gets snow in the winter and not much rain but hot summers.

    2 to 3 years

  • Where is crystal clear A sold in Pennsylvania

    Unfortunately I don't have a list of distributors in your area but we can definitely ship to you.  Guessing you would have it in about 2 days.

  • Do you have a sealer that is not glossy or slippery?

    For a matte sealer, check out the Ghostshield Cryli-Tek 5500

    However, all surface sealers are capable of being slippery when wet.  What are you trying to seal?  We have other options in the form of penetrating sealers that fit both of those requirements however arent typically for use on decorative concrete.

  • Does Lowes carry this product?


  • How many square foot per 5 gallon

    300 to 350 sqft per gallon first coat,  up to 450 sqft per gallon on the second coat

  • I have a leaking flat roof with a imitation coral tiles over top ,woud this seal the stone and grout ,there is standing water with heavy rains in some spots also .

    Yes,  it would seal. If you are just looking to seal the grout, a penetrating sealer may be a better option