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ChemMasters: Traz-25

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TRAZ™ 25

Solvent-Based Methyl-Methacrylate Concrete Sealer

Traz 25 is a film forming sealer for concrete and masonry. Traz 25 is formulated with methyl methacrylate polymers that develop high gloss and are more chemical resistant than standard acrylic sealers.

The Traz 25 film will not yellow under any UV conditions and is extremely durable.


  • Seal and protect any interior or exterior, horizontal or vertical concrete and masonry surface
  • Protect and amplify the beauty of exposed aggregate, terrazzo and man-made or natural stone
  • Enhance and deepen the color of stamped concrete while shielding it from water, freeze thaw damage, dirt and most hydrocarbon chemicals
  • Keeps surfaces from dusting and chalking
  • Makes surfaces easier to clean
  • Not for use in the following states. If your state is listed below, please check out Traz-25A Otherwise, your order may be cancelled.
    U.S. & Canada
    Maricopa County, Arizona
    Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin or Ohio covered by the Lake Michigan Air Directors Consortium (LADCO)
    Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Northern Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware or the District of Columbia covered by the Northeast Ozone Transport Commission (NE-OTC)


  • Chemical resistance superior to standard acrylic or styrene acrylic sealers
  • High level of resistance to aliphatic solvents, acids, alkalis, gasoline, oils and grease
  • Excellent penetration, adhesion and durability
  • Exceptional water and liquid repellency reduces staining and moisture absorption
  • Superior resistance to ultraviolet light, freeze/thaw cycling and acid rain
  • High gloss for improved appearance and reduced maintenance costs
  • Easy to apply and recoat without extensive surface preparation; dries quickly
  • Dustproofs as it seals

    Finish: High Gloss

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    • What is the difference between Traz25 and Traz25-A

      The only difference is the solvent used.   Traz-25A is for use in areas that require low VOC

    • Will you guys ship to Ohio?

      Traz 25 can not ship to Ohio due to VOC restrictions.  However, Traz-25A can ship to Ohio

    • Will this product help with concrete sweating and condensation build-up? I live in Indiana and during the late winter and spring seasons, we experience a lot of condensation on our Barn concrete floor.

      I would suggest a penetrating sealer.  Such as Ghostshield Siloxa-tek-8510.   That coupled with the Lithi-Tek 4500 will help prevent the moisture from coming through the concrete

    • What is dry time on traz 25

      Dry time @ 70F
      Recoat 1
      Foot Traffic 4
      Heavy Traffic 12

    • Is this available in stores in Ohio

      Due to VOC restrictions, this is not available in Ohio

    • How soon can I apply this product after I pour stamped concrete?

      It is a cure and seal so you can apply it as soon as the bleed water is gone

    • My concrete is white, and I’m concerned about the high gloss. Does it come out real shiny? Thank you

      Yes.  This sealer is very shiny.  What type of finish are you looking for?

    • can this applied over an acrylic sealer

      Assuming it is clean and dry,  yes

    • Do you ship to Canada or is the product available at a retailer in Canada?

      This can be shipped to Canada, but depends on a few things.  Give us a call and we can discuss.  888-391-2227

    • Is there a low gloss formula for Traz 25

      Sorry!  There is not!

    • Can this be applied with a sprayer?


    • Can I buy the traz 25 in Wheeling West Virginia

      We are an online distributor and unsure who may sell it in Wheeling, WV. Please order directly off the website or give us a call at 1-888-391-2227 and we can assist with getting some sent to you.

    • what type of roller would be used on driveway concrete?

      1/4" nap max, solvent resistant roller

    • What is the coverage and how many coats needed

      Surface Texture / Coats  Rough porous first coat 300 to 350 Rough porous second coat 350 to 400 Smooth dense first coat 350 to 400 Smooth dense second coat 350 to 400
      Square feet per gallon.