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Ghostshield: Polyaspartic 745 (Countertop)

Ghostshield: Polyaspartic 745 (Countertop)

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The Polyaspartic 745 is a solvent-based, two-component, aliphatic polyaspartic coating designed to coat concrete countertops providing incredible abrasion resistance and chemical resistance. Recommended for indoor areas with high risk of exposure to chemical spills, fuel, heavy equipment, extreme temperatures and any other potentially damaging situation the substrate may encounter. Polyaspartic 745 has an exceptionally fast dry-time, with a tack-free dry-time of a 3-7 hours which makes it the best choice for projects where a thin build coating is desired with a limited period of time for installation. Great for use on concrete countertops and concrete feather finish countertops where an extremely durable coating is needed.

    • COVERAGE: Up to 150 SF square feet
    • COATS: 1
    • VOC CONTENT: 100 g/L
    • FINISH: High-Gloss


Exceptional when used for:
  • Applications: A fast-curing topcoat on concrete countertops
  • Substrates: Concrete
Not for use on:
  • For interior use only



  • Excellent hardness
  • Excellent durability
  • Fast cure time
  • Low VOCs


  • Stops dusting
  • Protects from chemical spills
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • UV Stable


  • Food safe once cured
  • Will form an excellent bond to concrete
  • Scratch resistant
  • Excellent flexibility

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  • Why won’t this work on outdoor concrete countertops? Or is there another polyaspartic product? I like the fact that it’s Uv stable and food grade safe. LMK thanks

    Polyaspartic coatings aren't breathable so excess moisture can cause issues with the surface.

  • Can this be used on butcher block countertop?

    We can't recommend this for a surface other than concrete

  • When I applied the 745 there are some spots where it is not very smooth. Can I do a light sand and put a second coat on?


  • Does this yellow over white paint?

    This should not be used over paint.  This adheres directly to the concrete

  • Can this go over painted granite counter? If not can it be tinted with mica powder?

    We do not reccomend using this over a painted surface.

  • Will this work on exterior concrete countertops?

    This is recommended for indoor use only

  • I have a product called Shiretone countertops that were installed years ago. Their polyurethane finished that come with the Shirestone countertops is now dulling. I was wondering if this prouct could be installed direction over that to bring back it's shine.

    I would suggest removing the existing finish to prevent possible issues with the polyaspartic adhering. It is to go directly on to concrete.

  • Can I use this on painted Formica countertops to give them gloss and protection?

    It's made to bond to concrete, but you can get a sample and try it out!

  • Can I resurface with this sealer over polyaspartic polyura itself? What chemical will remove the old polyaspartic polyura?

    This can be used to recoat over existing polyaspartic if it is clean. Xylene should soften the existing coating for removal if you wish to go that route

  • Do you have a concrete countertop sealer that provides a wet look when it is dry?

    The 745 will give you the highest gloss

  • I painted graphics on my concrete counter tops. Will this product cause the underlying paint to lift?

    You shouldnt have any issues with the polyaspartic lifting the paint, however, with all instance, not knowing what type of paint, the condition of the surface, we reccomend testing a small area first.

  • I used ghostshield 745 on my concrete bar top and it turned out great, my question is what should I use to polish it?(to remove fingerprints and such). Thanks

    You shouldnt need to polish the 745 as it is a chemical reisistant, durable coating.  It can be cleaned with any household cleaner to remove finger prints etc.

  • Can color be added, such as a marbling effect? If yes, what is used?

    No, there is not a color option for the Polyaspartic.  You can check out the Urethane 645 which has color options.

  • Will this work on my epoxy countertops in my kitchen?

    If you have epoxy, I would suggest a urethane stealer vs polyaspartic.  Ghostshield: Urethane 645

  • When is sealer applied? We are finishing our countertops today and wondered how long we needed to wait before sealing?

    You would want to wait until the concrete is cured to apply the sealer.  Roughly 8 days.

  • Will this darken the concrete? Also do you have to put something else on the concrete before applying such as a primer?

    This product may make the concrete appear slightly darker, just due to the nature of a high gloss finish, but wont look like the concrete is wet.

  • what is the recommended application process?

    You'll get an email with this response, reply to that email and I will send over the application Instructions as an attachment.

  • I have approximately 28 square ft to cover of fresh polished concrete countertop .Will one gallon cover all ?

    It comes in quarts,  and one quart should more than cover 28 square feet

  • What Cole’s are availiable

    It only comes in clear

  • I got a few drips of the final mix on my floor planking. What's the best way to remove? It's not wood but more of a porcelain.

    That's a tough one given the chemical resistant nature of the polyaspartic.  I would suggest mechanical removal via scraping or sanding the drops only.

  • Is this recommended for a commercial bar? Is there a flat *(not high gloss) variation?

    Its great for a bar application however this product only comes in high gloss.  There are a couple more options in more of a natural or satin finish

  • Does this yellow over time? UV protective? Can you wax after it dries? Looking for a satin finish

    It is UV stable so shouldn't yellow with interior use. This is high gloss so you can also check out the Ghostshield 660 for a satin option.

  • How resistant to heat is the polyaspartic 745? (for example if someone places a hot pan on the counter?

    We would not recommend putting a hot pan directly on the countertop.

  • Can I use a primer before putting polyaspartic, or will it not stick to a primer

    What type of primer are you referring to?  Typically I would say do not use a primer as the Polyaspartic needs to be in direct contact with the concrete.

  • I have an old coat of another poly based product already on the concrete countertop. Does this have to be completely stripped or can I wet sand the surface to rough it up and apply?

    Ideally the old coating would be stripped off however if that isn't feasible, you should be able to sand, clean and apply.

  • Hi - I have tried to seal a concrete kitchen countertop with 2 coats of 511 followed by 2 coats of Vermont Natural Sealings Polyrock Clear. The results have been disappointing, both functionally and the way it looks. I want to try Polyaspartic 745 (Countertop). My question is, do you think it will be sufficient for me to sand/scarify the surface in order to get the 745 to bond. I should mention that the look of these countertops is rustic, not highly smooth. My other countertops are still unsealed - am I right in thinking I can just apply two coats of 745 to these? Thank you for you time - Malcolm

    Unsealed countertops should be fine for application of the 745.  My concern with applying the 745 over the previoulsy sealed countertops is adhesion.  Generally the 745 needs to be in direct contact with the concrete for proper adhesion.  My suggestion would be to test a small spot first on the already sealed countertops after scarifying to make sure you have a proper surface.