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Pro Paver Poly Sand

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INCRETE PRO PAVER POLY SAND is a blend of finely graded natural sand, re-dispersible dry polymers, and iron oxide pigments. When placed and dampened, POLY SAND fills gaps, reduces trip hazards, and securely locks pavers/slabs/stones in their place. Unsightly weed growth and ant infestation is also held in-check to keep your decorative installation looking pristine. POLY SAND is a low-dust/haze resistant formula that is available in 7 colors to compliment any placement. Easy to install! Once the units are set in place, simply broom Poly Sand into the joints, compact and wet. No special equipment is needed. Poly sand is ideal for joint widths ranging from ¼” to 1½” and may be filled to chamfer level or full height. 

Features & Benefits

  • Designed For Commercial and Residential Use
  • Resists Erosion
  • Heavy Duty Formula Ideal for High Traffic Areas
  • Inhibits Weed Growth and Insects
  • For New Joints or Replacement of Existing Joints
  • Sets in Temperatures Above 35° F (2° C)
  • Available in 6 standard colors plus natural
  • Low dust
  • Easy fast installation
  • Strengthens interlocking joints


  • It is ideal for use on any paver surface including sloping areas, driveways, patios, pool decks, sidewalks, public projects, commercial and industrial sites. May be used with concrete pavers,clay bricks, natural stone.

50lbs bags

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