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Diamond Clear - Concrete Sealer

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DIAMOND CLEAR is a state-of-the-art curing and sealing compound, specially designed to provide a quality cure and seal while assuring total resistance to yellowing from ultraviolet exposure. DIAMOND CLEAR is particularly well suited for exterior architectural concrete where membrane yellowing is undesirable. Natural or Matte finish. 

Please check below for VOC restrictions for your state



  • Seals all concrete surfaces providing a glossy appearance and easier clean-up
  • Improves new concrete by promoting a proper cure and development of a strong surface
  • Dustproofs concrete with a tough durable film
  • Will not yellow under ultraviolet exposure
  • Can be tinted with Euclid Universal Color Packs to even out variegated concrete surfaces


  • Exterior or interior concrete surfaces
  • Walls and columns
  • Parking garages
  • Dry shake hardened floors


  • ASTM C 309, Type 1, Class A & B
  • ASTM C 1315, Type 1, Class A
  • AASHTO Specification M 148, Type 1, Class A & B
  • USDA compliant

Diamond Clear  CANNOT BE SHIPPED TO THE STATES BELOW.. For areas listed below, check out our Polyseal WB

U.S. & Canada
California, Colorado, Utah
Maricopa County, Arizona
Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin or Ohio covered by the Lake Michigan Air Directors Consortium (LADCO)
Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Northern Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware or the District of Columbia covered by the Northeast Ozone Transport Commission (NE-OTC)


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  • When I first put in my patio a water solvent product was available. Then the law prohibited this product and we used an oil based product which became dull after a couple months. Then during the past few years we brightened the patio using xylene. Again, results lasted only a couple months. Do you have any suggestions. The patio is 20 years old and dull.

    What state are you in? We can recommend a product based on location!

  • I applied one coat. How long should I wait to apply a second coat

    4 hours minimum

  • Wher can I buy this in Lorain county

    Not sure.  We are a distributor,  but we do offer free shipping on all orders over $80

  • Have diamond clear on exterior stamped (brown) the finish has gotten “milky” sections from sun. Should I clean w xyzelinee or will new coats burn in.

    I prefer xylene but a new coat should do the same. If it's warm,  you will have better results with xylene

  • Can Diamond Clear that is applied to new concrete be painted over if on a garage floor that has not yet been used? If so, do you have any recommendations as to brand or type of paint?

    Generally,  for a garage floor,  I would recommend a penetrating sealer as it lasts longer,  and offers a higher level of protection. 

    I don't have a specific paint recommendation, but suggest you make sure they don't need to be applied directly to concrete

  • Who Carrie’s your product , “ Super a diamond Clear “ , 5 gallon. 44256 Ohio

    I don't know of any local distributor in your area.   We are a distributor ourselves.

  • How many sq feet does 5 gal do

    350 to 450 sqft per gallon

  • Why is my sealant bubbling after the application?

    Most likely applied too thick,  or it was too hot when it was applied

  • How long should someone wait after pouring new concrete to apply the cure and seal?

    You can apply as soon as the bleed water is gone.

  • I applied over a stained concrete floor indoors. New slab. The sealer is soaking in and is splochy. Some sections look like there is no sealer even applied. Is this normal?

    How did you apply?

  • is there a wet look low gloss option

    Diamond Clear is a semi gloss, but i would not consider it a wet look.

  • How much do I need to cover a new drive way and side walk about 1300 sq ft in Florida.The concrete is not the best quality…. Do you think it may take two applications. I sealed every other year in Ohio and it looked almost new when we sold. Do you recommend application yearly or other. It’s a lot cheaper to use your se at let than a new driveway.

    Approximately 350 to 400 sqft per gallon, single coat.   400 sqft per gallon on the second coat.  A yearly application will definitely help.   There are also penetrating sealers that will last 10 years with one application if you are interested

  • Is this ok to use on a garage floor how well will it hold up?

    Yes,  you can use it on a garage floor.  It will hold up OK, depending on how much sand etc  you're bringing in,  but we have other products that are better suited for garages if you are interested

  • Where can I purchase this product in Michigan

    The VOC content for this product is too high due to LADCO restrictions imposed by your state.  You would be looking for diamond clear 350.

  • Is this oil based or water based

    This is oil (solvent) based

  • What is the coverage on concrete. Thank you

    350 to 400 sqft per gallon

  • Best way to apply

    Depends on what you are applying it to.  Roller or sprayer generally.

  • can you paint over this sealer?

    Once it is cured, yes, however a better option would be to tint the sealer itself so you are only dealing with one product.

  • How would you go about striping your sealer? I have spilled gas on the garage floor and it has gummed up the sealer or what I think is the remains of the sealer.

    Xylene will soften it,  and allow you to remove it.   It can also use a pressure washer,  citrus based stripper.

  • Where is this product sold in the Louisville, Kentucky area. And is it sold in gallon sizes

    We sell it in gallon sizes,  but I'm not sure who your local distributor might be

  • Do your sealers only come in a solvent base or do y’all have one that is a water base?

    Here is one of our water based sealers

    Polyseal WB

  • How often is recoating necessary?

    We recommend sealing every year.   If you do two coats,  can usual get by with every other,  but both depend on the conditions

  • I have a stained and sealed existing concrete patio that is 10+ years old and gets full sun from about 10:00am tile dark, a cheap sealer was applied two years ago but looks to be completely gone, I would like to apply your Diamond Clear - Concrete Sealer with the Sure-Grip additive in it. I have a pressure washer to clean the slab, and the stain is really faded out so I hope it will bring back the color somewhat. Will this work and is the natural finish a high gloss? I am wanting a glossy finish.

    A good coat of sealer will work wonders on aged decorative concrete.  Diamond Clear is considered high gloss and will rejuvenate your faded color.

  • Will this just not seal but prevent stains

    It prevents stains by sealing.  It forms a protective layer of the concrete substrate.

  • i live in ohio. where can i buy this

    We are an online distributor so unsure where you would buy locally.

  • I live in Ohio where can I buy it

    We are an online distributor so unsure where you would locally.

  • Where can I buy in Northern Michigan

    Not sure! We are a distributor ourselves so don't have a lot of contacts in Michigan

  • How may sq. Ft does it cover

    300-400 sqft per gallon

  • will this work on stamped concrete around a swimming pool?



    Possibly, I don't have the name of a distributor down there, but we do offer free shipping over $80

  • How long will it last on my concrete patio. How many Coates can you apply to make it last longer ? What Warranty or Guaranty is there.

    We recommend resealing your patio every year, however two coats will add another layer of protection.

    Due to the nature of concrete and not being able to guarantee the prep of the patio for sealer, we aren't able to guarantee the sealer will last a specific amount of time.

  • Can you use this product on tile floor

    It is not specifically made for tile floor but if put on thin enough may likely work but it is not its intended use.

  • will it work on stamped concrete that has been finished


  • how many sq. ft will 5 gal. do

    300-350 sqft per gallon, so about 1500 per 5 gal.

  • Is there a minimum air temperature to apply this (i.e. 70 degrees?)

    40 degrees, surface and ambient temperature

  • Can Diamond Clear be done on Brick Pavers? If not, what product do you recommend?

    Yes it can!

  • Where can I buy Diamond Clear in Denver, Co.?

    Not sure, we aren't in the area. We do ship nation wide though!

  • does it work well on slate?

    Diamond clear can be used on slate, it really depends on what type of look you are trying to achieve.

  • I applied to a new (poured about 3 months ago) bare concrete driveway. The day I applied the sealer it was overcast and about 55 degrees. It started to rain approximately 12 hours after application and has rained every day since and been cooler (approximately 3 days). It seems to be working, as water is sitting on top of the driveway and not penetrating. However, it appears streaky on the concrete. Will this eventually clear up? Maybe because the sun hasn't been out and its been rainy since application?

    The streaks are most likely an inconsistency in application. Over time, with sun they should fade

  • What do we use to clean Rollers and pans?

    Xylene will break down the sealer but can be difficult to get 100% clean. Typically most people will dispose of the pan or use a liner.

  • How warm does it have to be to apply to outdoor concrete? Big driveway >190sq ft, how long to let dry?

    Surface temp needs to be 40 or above.  8 hours cure time for foot traffic, up to 48 for wheel traffic.  Depends on weather etc.

  • Clean up?


  • Is it slippery to walk on?

    As with all surface sealers, it can get slippery when wet, however you can add grip to the sealer:

  • Diamond Clear was used to seal a new slab about 8 hours after the pour. I was told that I do not need to "water" the concrete for proper curing since the sealant traps the initial moisture. Is this correct?

    It is a cure and seal, so assuming it was applied appropriately, you should not have to.

  • What suppliers carry Diamond Clear - Concrete Sealer, near 99016

    Not sure, we ship nation wide though.

  • How many square feet of coverage per gallon

    Low end coverage is 350 square feet per gallon

  • When would it arrive in Wa State?

    3 days, estimated transit time.

  • It says apply soon after the concrete has been poured. Mine was poured about 2 months ago, can I still apply this with good results? Thanks

    Yes. Diamond Clear is a cure and seal, so you can use it for both. It would be best to power wash and make sure the surface is clean.

  • Can you use this product to seal an inside concrete floor painted with a water based concrete stain?

    Yes, this can be used indoors however it would be a good idea to plan for plenty of ventilation to remove the smell as the sealer cures.

  • How does it hold up to automotive and fabrication applications?

    Hard to find a surface sealer than can handle those types of applications.  We have some other options, give us a call at 888-391-2227 and we can run through them with you.

  • How long after application can the concrete get wet

    We recommend 12 hours minimum

  • How many squre feet does a gallon cover?

    300-400 depending on application

  • Why is the dry time between coats

    Dry to Touch < 1 hour
    Recoat 4 hours minimum
    Foot Traffic 4 to 6 hours
    Wheel Traffic 6 to 10 hours

  • should you apply a second coat?

    Second coat is optional, however it does offer better protection. If it was a second pail to do two coats, I probably wouldn't bother and just plan on sealing next year

  • Don't have a sprayer, can I just roll it on?


  • How applied?

    Brush, roller or airless sprayer

  • Is diamond clear as good as super diamond clear for resealing a stamped concrete patio?

    Super Diamond Clear would give you a better gloss.

  • Does this product come in non slip finish as well as a gloss finish? Can you ship to Michigan 48038? Is it sold in a store in my zip code or near it where I can pick it up?

    You can add grip to make it non slip while maintaining the same finish it has.  You would need to add Shur Grip.

    Unfortunately, due to the VOC restrictions in Michigan, we are unable to ship Diamond Clear to your state.

  • Will a plastic garden insecticide sprayer work for application of this product? I don't have access to a commercial sprayer and would like to avoid buying one if possible.

    Yes. I would suggest using a roller for better coverage after you use the sprayer.

  • What is the approximate coverage per gallon of coating?

    350 square feet per gallon

  • What is drying and curing time?

    Dry to Touch < 1 hour
    Recoat 2 hours minimum
    Foot Traffic 2 to 4 hours
    Wheel Traffic 6 to 10 hours

  • How often should you re-coat for a patio in Michigan?

    There are alot of variables. If in full, yearly sealing would be suggested. If in full shade, 3 years or more could be expected. Feel free to contact us by phone, 888-391-2227, for any additional questions.

  • I applied this product on cool morning, surface clean and dry...... multiple bubbles all over stamped concrete surface. I have used this product 4 times and sometimes I get bubbles and sometimes not.... Your product is too expensive to not be satisfied with results!!!! thank-you

    Typically, bubbles are formed due to how the product was applied.  If it was applied too thick, that is how you get bubbles.  If you apply when it is too hot, you can get bubbles.  Good news is, it is easy to remove the bubbles.  Spray some xylene on the sealer, it will re-liquify, and the bubbles will pop.  You can then apply a second coat if you wish.  

  • Can I get a satin or flat sheen from your product?

    For a true matte finish, check out the Ghostshield: Cryli-Tek 5500

  • I have a stamped concrete patio with a coat of sealer. I have to recoat. Would this product do the job?

    Yes. Assuming your current sealer is solvent based, you have minimal prep work to do, but will definitely do the job

  • The sealer is clear can I use on stamp concrete

    Yes, it has a clear sealer

  • Is this a product that would be used on an aggregate driveway?


  • Can this be used on a slate tiled floor?

    yes, it can be used on a slate floor.  We reccomend testing a small piece first to make sure you are getting the look you desire.

  • I am looking for a product to seal an interior concrete floor that we recently acid stained. Want something high gloss what product would be best?

    Give us a call and we can help with some suggestions

  • An it be applied to painted cement?

    I would not reccomend applying this to painted concrete.  The sealer is made to seal clean, bare concrete.

  • Once applied how long will Diamond Clear last

    It really depends on the application and environment.  What are you sealing?

  • Where can I purchase in Sarasota?

    We are a distributor located in South Dakota. We can ship to Sarasota.

  • We used Diamond Clear over 10 years ago on our stained concrete sunroom floor and brick steps. Through the years the shine has dulled. What preparation needs to be done to apply a fresh coat to make it glossy again. Exactly what formula do we need for recoating now?

    You will need to clean the floor as good as you can, then you can apply a cost of sealer directly over top of the old sealer.  The solvent in the new sealer will re-liquify the old sealer as it cures so it will work as a second coat.  

    Alternatively, you can take the old sealer up with a stripper, and start with a fresh coat of sealer.

  • Is this oil based ?!


  • Can diamond clear be used on vinyl

    No. It is solvent based and will not work well on plastic.

  • Can you use this product in cold weather?

    You will want to have a product temp of 50 degrees and a surface temp of 40 degrees

  • How many gallons for 2400 sq ft?

    6 to 7 gallons, one coat

  • Does Diamond Clear come in NON glossy?

    The manufacturer classifies Diamond Clear as a glossy finish.  In our experience, it is more of a semi-gloss.  If you are looking for a semi-gloss to matte finish, you can look at Super Diamond Clear VOX or Ghost Shield Cryli-Tek 5500

  • My builder used (I believe to be this product) to seal my walkway and driveway. It does have a gloss to it and he said it would need to be re-applied once a year. Is this the correct type of diamond sealer and is it as easy as cleaning the surface and re-applying? Thank You

    It sounds like the same product.  If you want a higher gloss, you can upgrade to super diamond clear

  • How can I get Diamond Clear off vinyl siding.

    You can try Uni-Stripp -

    I would test it in a small spot first to make sure it wont damage your siding

  • Do you carry Envirosheen high gloss or is diamond shield same product

    Envirosheen is made by a company that we are not a distributor for, so we do not carry it. I havent been able to find a data sheet on Envirosheen so dont know specifics, but i think your best option for a comparable product would be ChemMasters Traz-25

  • What kind of roller pad do I use?

    3/8" nap solvent resistant

  • Used diamond clear and was pleased. A year ago I put down more as it had dulled over two years, according to directions and it never got as shiny. It began to dull up very quickly. One year later the surface is absolutely dull. I don't know if I should try again or go to a different product. The patio is about 6 years old now.

    What did you do prior to applying additional sealer? All sealers, over time, will degrade, but with proper preparation, you can reapply without issues

  • How Long does it take to dry and stamped cement

    Dry to Touch < 1 hour Recoat 4 hours minimum Foot Traffic 4 to 6 hours Wheel Traffic 6 to 10 hours

  • How long does this take to dry?

    Dry to Touch < 1 hour
    Recoat 4 hours minimum
    Foot Traffic 4 to 6 hours
    Wheel Traffic 6 to 10 hours

  • Is this good to seal a concrete driveway so I don't have to pressure wash it every year

    I would say that answer really depends on what you are trying to protect against.  For the best protection against stains, salt or oil damage, i would go with

    If oil protection isnt a big concern, this would also be a good product:

    If you are looking for a glossier finish, then we would start with the acrylic sealers like Diamond Clear.

  • after I applied one coat I had different colors show up in my concrete can I put another coat on with some pigment in it to change a color so it's even

    Absolutely.  Check out the color packs:

  • Is the xylene base Diamond Clear used for paver sealing, or should it be used for just concrete? Thank you

    It can be used on pavers.  You will need to ensure they are clean and dry prior to sealing.

  • Does this work for fountains

    Inside or outside of the fountain? 

    Outside , yes.  Inside, I would suggest a different product if we could get a bit more information from you.

  • what is the coverage

    300 to 350 square feet per gallon, first coat

  • Is this water based?

    No.  The Diamond Clear we offer is colvent based.  For a water based product, you can use Super Diamond Clear VOX.  

  • what is the tempeture range for application of the concrete sealer

    Surface and ambient temperature during applications should be between 40°F and 90°F (4°C and 32°C).  Sealer temperature should be at least 50 degrees F.

  • The diamond clear concrete sealer description suggests it comes in either a "natural" or matte finish. Is it truly a matte finish? One of the questions below suggests this is not the case. Everywhere else I've looked (including the Euclid diamond clear website) this product is described as having a glossy finish. I really don't want glossy! THANKS

    In our experience, i would not qualify diamond clear as a "gloss" finish.  Super Diamond Clear, on the other hand, is definitely glossy.  So while diamond clear may impart a sheen, in our eyes, it is not glossy.

  • is there any money back guarantee for this product?? We just purchased and applied and are VERY unhappy with the results

    There are many variables with the application process of any sealer, so there is not a money back guarantee.  However, if you would like to contact us, we would be happy discuss your application and what issues you are having. Also, we don't have record of an order under your name so please include your order number so we can find that information.

  • Does the Diamond concrete sealer come in different finishes? Like matte? If so, does it still stop the color from fading? I'm not a fan of a gloss look on my patio.

    Diamond clear only comes in the one finish.  It does keep the color from fading

  • What does the temperature have to be in order to apply the first coat? How long do I have to wait to apply a second coat?

    40 degrees and rising. Second coat can go on after it's tack free.

  • Is this product a sealer

    Yes. It is a cure and seal.

  • Have a new garage finished floor . 1st time using. .I plan on spraying and back rolling . Is that best way to do it . And what nap do I use for roller . And type .

    That is the best way I've found. I'd use a 3/8ths nap roller or less for smooth concrete. Solvent resistant roller pads are needed.

  • What is the coverage per gallon for concrete

    Coverage NOTE: Coverage rates are approximate. Actual coverage depends on temperature, texture, and substrate porosity. Avoid excessive build-up of sealer, as this may cause discoloration and/or poor product performance.
    Application ft2 /gal (m2 /L)
    Curing & Sealing Fresh Concrete  
    First Coat 300 to 350 (7.4 to 8.6)
    Second Coat (Optional) 350 to 400 (8.6 to 9.8) 

    Sealing or Re-sealing Existing/Cured Concrete 
    First Coat 300 to 350 (7.4 to 8.6)
    Second Coat (Optional) 350 to 400 (8.6 to 9.8)

  • Does diamond clear protect concrete from oil stains and salt

    You best bet for protection against salt and oil would be Ghostshield Siloxa-Tek 8510 

    Diamond clear isn't the penetrating sealer like you would normally use for salt and oil protection.

  • I have a shop that was build 18 months ago and need to seal the concrete floor so I can easily dust mop it. I have a friend that recommended the diamond clear sealer and then use some type of floor wax on top of that. What products do you recommend for this application?

    What is the shop used for?  Also what type of finish are you looking for?  For example high gloss,  natural,  etc.

  • How much concrete sealer does 5 gallons cover?

    Coverage ft2 /gal (m2 /L) First Coat Second Coat (Optional) Curing & Sealing Fresh Concrete 300 to 350 (7.4 to 8.6) 350 to 400 (8.6 to 9.8)
    Sealing or Re-sealing Existing/Cured Concrete 350 to 400 (8.6 to 9.8) 350 to 400 (8.6 to 9.8)

  • Can you tint diamond hard sealer ? If so what do you tint it with ???

    Here are the color packs

  • Does this sealer feel slippery if walked on when wet? I've used sealers before that made the concrete a lot more slippery after a rain

    The concrete will be come a bit more slippery when wet with this product, however there is  a additive you can mix in to combat that.

    This will mix directly in the sealer and take care of the issue.

  • How do I determine how much product I need

    You should get around 350 sqft per gallon per coat

  • Do you sell a concrete sealer that is a Matt or satin finish.

    Ghostshield Cryli-Tek 5500

  • Is diamond clear cure & seal the right product to put on my driveway? The driveway is about 3 years old

    We have many options for driveways.  If you can tell us what you are trying to protect against, and where you are located, i can make a couple suggestions.

  • I can't get super diamond player here and Indiana? If not then what is the next best thing I love your product

    Indiana is part of LADCO which restricts the VOCs of products in the state.  Check out Ghostshield Cryli-Tek 5505 for a comparable, Indiana compliant product.

  • What color will i get by mixing limestone with pebble beach

    Not sure.  We haven't tried mixing those colors.

  • Can you add two different stain colors in a gallon of diamond clear?

    Yes you can,  but cannot guarantee what the resulting color would look like. You would use maybe 2 packs of each color per pail.

  • Last year, when I applied Diamond Clear 350 to one area of the patio, my roller accidentally his the vinyl siding. I just noticed it now. How do I get the yellowed stain off the siding? Soap and water do not work.

    Xylene is about the only think that will take off acrylic sealer however it will also likely damage your siding. You can try a citrus based stripping product but don't know how well it would work on siding.

  • I used this fine product in a barn years ago and like it. Now have a new outside walkway and want to seal it. I live in southwest Michigan and wonder if you have dealers in the Grand Rapids area?

    We are a distributor ourselves so I don't know of any distributors in your area.

  • Can I use MEK to clean up super diamond clear off my new cement patio?

    Haven't tried it,  but I know xylene will work.

  • How soon may diamond sealer be applied after concrete is poured?

    It is a cure and seal,  so as soon as the bleed water is gone.

  • Can you apply to older concrete?

    Yes you can

  • Is the diamond clear shiny or mat finish

    It is a gloss finish

  • What the difference between the super diamond clear and the regular?

    Super Diamond Clear is a higher gloss and longer lasting

  • I just put the first coat of diamond clear 350 on my garage floor. How soon can I put a second coat down?

    2 hours minimum

  • The brochure stats that the Diamond Cure is recommended to cure fresh concrete. We have used the Diamond Cure on cured concrete several months after placing as a sealer. Is there another product to use on older floors as a finisher sealer.

    Diamond clear is a cure and seal.  There are other products you can use. If you can tell us what type of finish you are looking for, we can definitely make some recommendations.

  • Will this restore the color to my stamoed concrete? My concrete color looks great when wet, but faded when dry.

    For a gloss sealer for stamped concrete, i would reccomend Super Diamond Clear (

    Alternatively, if you want a higher gloss, wet look sealer, i would say Ghostshield Cryli-Tek 8505 (

    Prior to application, make sure to prep your concrete fo the best results.

  • Other than power washing, is there something else I should do or use on my 20-year-old dull, faded stamped patio? We have used Diamond clear in the past with varying results.

    There are other sealer options depending on what type of finish you're looking for. Let us know if you're looking for high gloss or other and we can make recommendations

  • Is it toxic to dogs if they ingest it

    Yes, it can be toxic to animals. Generally we recommend a penetrating sealer for kennels etc.

  • What is the dry/cure time on this product?

    4 hours dry to touch,  8 hours light foot traffic, 24 hours heavy traffic.

  • Can this product be used on smooth as well as aggregate surfaced concrete?


  • Diamond clear 350…can it be used on concrete that has had no sealer for 10 years. The product says it’s for fresh concrete. My brother used it for fresh concrete, he has it left over,so wondering if I can use on my sidewalk after cleaning it up. Mold er sidewalk, stamped, in good shape.

    Yes. It can be used for fresh or existing concrete!

  • Why do you have to wait a minimum of 4 hours in between applying coats?

    So you can get back on the pad without damaging the first coat of sealer

  • can this be applied to cured concrete?

    Yes!  It can be used as a cure and seal or regular sealer