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Super Diamond Clear - Concrete Sealer

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SUPER DIAMOND CLEAR is a solvent based curing and sealing compound specially designed to cure new concrete, assuring proper cement hydration and strength gain, while providing a non-yellowing seal to protect and enhance the appearance of concrete. Gloss Finish.  Apply second coat for a glossier finish.

Please check below for VOC restrictions for your state




  • Helps promote development of concrete strength and durability through proper curing
  • Enhances color and provides gloss to the surface
  • Will not yellow under ultraviolet exposure
  • Can be tinted with Euclid Universal Color Packs to even out variegated concrete surfaces


  • Driveways & exterior pavements
  • Walls and columns
  • Exposed aggregate
  • Dry shake floors
  • Curing and sealing decorative concrete

Super Diamond Clear (SDC) CANNOT BE SHIPPED TO THE STATES BELOW. For areas listed below, check out our Polyseal WB

U.S. & Canada
California, Colorado, Utah
Maricopa County, Arizona
Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin or Ohio covered by the Lake Michigan Air Directors Consortium (LADCO)
Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Northern Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware or the District of Columbia covered by the Northeast Ozone Transport Commission (NE-OTC)


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    • Can this product be used to seal a below grade foundation?

      We would not reccomend using this product for sealing below grade.  This is a sealer for decorative concrete giving a gloss finish. For basement walls, i would suggest Lithi-Tek 9500 (  

      For a true foundation sealer, contact us by phone or email for a quote on Tamoseal Foundation Coating (

    • How long before re coat ?

      2 hours,  minimum

    • Do I need to mix it up before using it?

      No,  it is ready to use

    • How many square feet will it cover 1 gallon. And is it easy to put it on. I need a sealant for my driveway.

      One gallon covers 350 to 450 sqft.  

      It is easy to put on.  You can use a sprayer or a roller.

    • Needs application instructions for stamp concrete?

      Apply sealer to concrete with sprayer or 3/8" nap roller.  If you use a sprayer,  I suggest back rolling with the roller for even coverage.

    • Can you put on if shady but 82 degrees??

      Yes,  max surface temperature is 90

    • Can I get it tinted to closely match other tined/stamped concrete?

      Yes!  Check out the universal color packs

    • 1. Can I spray with a landscape pump sprayer? 2. Can I re-spray, or freshen up the same area in a couple years?

      1. Yes,  but I wouldn't plan on reusing it afterwards.   The solvent will eat the seals.

      2. Yes,  as long as it's clean.

    • how long is expected delivery to Cololrado 5 gallons

      2 to 3 days

    • If my concrete path has just been laid for two days .can I apply the super diamond sealer right away or do I need to wait for days ?

      Yes,  super diamond clear is a cure and seal,  so can be applied as soon as any bleed water is gone

    • Will it protect against oil stains, salt

      Your best bet to protect against oil and salt would be a penetrating sealer such as Ghostshield Siloxa-tek-8510 

    • What is the difference between Diamond Clear sealer and Super Diamond Clear? My stamped concrete project was sealed with Super a few years ago and will need it again this year.

      Super Diamond Clear is a little more glossy, and better quality.

    • i put super diamond clear on in my garage floor about 5 year ago didn't know about siloxa -tex 8510 when guy did my garage he told me to buy super diamond clear it look beautiful and like glass now it dull now i want to pain it gray can i paint this will this sealer on it or do i have to rent a sander then paint it i like to buy siloxa-tex 8510 but it cost to much i need about 5 gal cause my shop is 20by50 and 500 dollar is alot i have oil stain on it now try to wipe it off put wont, left stain on the floor hope you can help me thank you so much

      If the floor is clean, you can go over the existing super diamond clear, with another coat of super diamond clear.  If you want to go with the 8510, you will need to pressure wash or strip the existing sealer.  Super Diamond Clear is not oil resistant so oil stains will eat away at your coat of sealer.

    • Will it harm the sealer in can if it is exposed to freezing temperatures

      No,  but it should be stored around 50 degrees if possible.

    • Will this product seal the seller from water seeping up from Underneath

      No.  You need a couple products for that.  Give us a call and we can help you out!

    • our builder left us 2 5 gal of Super diamond clean and a 5 gal of diamond clear. no instructions on how to apply. or if we have to mix them together. How thick do we apply and how long do we wait between coats? should we spray and roll or just use a roller?

      You shouldn't mix them together. What are you sealing? Typically, if it's a stamped concrete patio,  we spray and back roll with a 3/8" nap roller. Recoat time is 4 to 8 hours.

    • Can this be used indoor on kitchen slate?

      It can,  however you will have a strong odor until the sealer cures.  Depending on what type of finish you are looking for,  we can make some recommendations

    • Can I use this product to reseal stained concrete floors? And what is recommended application procedure?

      Yes it can. Typically I would apply with a sprayer and back roll with a 3/8" nap roller.

    • Can you epoxy over it

      No.  Epoxy needs to adhere directly to the concrete. Give us a call and we can most likely find a solution for what you are trying to do!

    • can this product be shipped to another countries?

      Depends on the country and how much you're looking for

    • We sealed it yesterday at 4pm it’s 4am and thunder and rain will it be ok?????

      Yes,  it should be fine

    • I applied this product going on 3 and a half to 4 years ago on my concrete around my pool. I believe that there is still sum closer to the house per say that hasn’t worn off I’m going to apply another product over top of the concrete called cool pool (paint) what will loosen up the existing Rez seal other than muratic acid?


    • coverage on concrete pavers per gallon

      350 sqft per gallon

    • Is this product for high temperature locations- on a hearth under a wood stove?

      We would not recommend this product for that application

    • Best times to reseal my stamped patio? Spring or Fall? And how often? Thank you

      We recommend once a year.   Spring or fall, doesn't really matter. If you seal it in the spring, it will look the best for the summer.  If you seal it in the fall,  you get the most protection for winter.

    • What’s your best sealer for old concrete driveways I’ve been using diamond clear every year or two

      Depends on what your goals are and what you want to seal against. Generally I would recommend a penetrating sealer such Ghostshield Siloxa-Tek 8510.

    • We used one coat of Super Diamond Clear on our new pavers. It looks great but it still smells awful after 2.5 days. I don’t want to use a second coat unless I know the order will get less and less with each passing day. Help!

      As the sealer cures, it should smell less.

    • I want to put a 2nd coat on my patio. Coverage was not even. How long do I wait between coats? Thank you.

      2 hours minimum

    • I have a 5 gallon can of Euclid Super Diamond Clear Concrete Sealer that was left by the contractor who installed a raised aggregate stoop and walk for me 4 years ago. It seems to be okay. Is it safe to use (after proper cleaning) on my stoop to recoat?

      If it is still liquid,  it should be ok

    • I put Super Diamond Clear 350 on my pavers and they turned white in some areas. Why did this happen and what can I do to get rid of the white areas?

      Most likely effloresence from water coming up through the concrete pavers.  Spray it with xylene, then reseal

    • If I spilled a whole 5 gallon pail of this on my asphalt driveway. And someone threw speedy dry on it and it was allowed to dry, other than cutting out this section of asphalt, is there any other way to remove it?

      Anything that will remove the sealer,  will also likely remove the oil in the asphalt.   Physical removal (scraping) of the sealer is likely the only option

    • Can sdc be tinted to dark browm

      Yes, please check out the universal color packs.

    • Two years ago I sealed my concrete with SuperDiamond Clear. I now want to apply another coat. will that work. also I noted you have a verity of Super Clear sealers. what one should I use ?

      you can certainly apply back with super diamond clear. It is best to power wash first and let dry completely. If you were satisfied with the results of super diamond clear, would go back with the same thing.

    • Can this product be used for existing stamped concrete? Product was referred to me but in the description it states for new concrete

      Yes, it is for new and existing concrete! Works great for stamped concrete!

    • where can i buy the super diamond clear seal locally? Home depot lowes.

      You can buy it on our website with free shipping over $80. Home Depot or Lowe's does not carry it.

    • How do you apply this product.

      You can use a roller or a sprayer.  It's very easy to use.

    • I was under the impression that this product came and either a gray or brown tint. Is this true?

      The pail is a clear sealer but you can add tint to the sealer by using the universal color packs in the link below.

    • I used a cemstone product (Cemstone Super Clear Coat) to seal my acid stained patio two years ago. And want a glossier look. Can I apply this product right over the old one?

      Yes, as long as the previous surface is clean

    • I have used the solvent version on my stamped, color concrete patio. Is it okay to use on outdoor patio tiles?


    • How much concrete will a gallon cover?

      Below is from the tech specs link on the product page.

      Curing & Sealing Fresh Concrete

      First Coat 300 to 400 sq ft
      Second Coat (Optional) 400 to 450 sq ft

      Sealing or Re-sealing Existing/Cured Concrete

      First Coat 400 to 450 sq ft
      Second Coat (Optional) 450 to 550 sq ft

    • My concrete in our building was polished and sealed with Diamond Sealer when it was poured about a year ago. Once we are done framing up the inside I want to put a sealer on it again. The building is going to be used to breed and raise cats. Can I put Super Diamond sealer on it. I want to put the best sealer on it in case the cats pee it won't soak into the concrete and smell. I will also be useing disinfectant on the floors to clean. Is that okay to disinfectant the floors with this sealer?

      We have better options for pet areas! Give us a call 888-391-2227

    • Is this product good to seal driveway pavers here in Florida? Thank you

      If you are looking to provide a higher gloss look and provide some protection, super diamond clear will work. If you are looking at protect against oils and salts, ghostshield sealers will be better suited.

    • Can this be applied to tile on a uper deck to keep the watter from comming through

      Yes however depending on what type of tile you have, there may be better options.  feel free to give us a call to discuss! 888-391-2227

    • Can I use this product over a Rustoleum Rock solid product? Just finish putting the color down and would like to follow up with a consistent top coat.

      You may be able to use this over the top, however we would suggest testing a small area first.

    • I used this product on my exterior but used water based epoxy inside that lost its luster. Can this product go over the top of it or will it flake off? Thanks

      You would need to remove any previous coatings otherwise you will run in to issues with the new sealer not adhering.

    • can I seal stone with this?And will it enhance the natural color and make them glossy?

      Yes, this works on most stone, and will make it glossy

    • What can I use to help prevent feet from burning around an existing concrete pool apron

      A lot depends on the color.  There are overlay products you can use that dont get as hot as poured concrete.

    • I want a no sheen sealer for a NEW paver driveway. Which product do u recommend.I live in Florida 850-699-3929

      Ghostshield Silox-tek 8505 would be a good option.

    • Is this product water or oil base?

      It is solvent based.

    • How long after washing floor of with ammonia can I apply sealet6

      48 hours

    • can product be sprayed


    • how many square ft per gallon does this cover

      350 to 400

    • Can you apply super diamond clear 350 to freshly poured concrete

      Super Diamond Clear is a cure and seal, so can be used as soon as the bleed water is evaporated.

    • Can you purchase this product at a hardware or lumber yard. I live in Wisconsin and can't have it shipped here

      Due to LADCO this should not be available in Wisconsin.   There are solvent based sealers that you can ship to Wisconsin. Give us a call and we would be happy to help you out!

    • Is this good for old concrete

      Yes, this can seal old concrete

    • Can I apply this product at 55* degrees


    • Does this sealer need to me mixed or shaken before using?

      No. It is ready to use.

    • How long after pouring concrete can i apply Diamond Coat, and do i apply 2 coats? Thankyou

      First coat can be applied as soon as the bleed water is evaporated.  Second coat can be applied 8 hours after the first coat

    • Is it oil and gas resistant

      No. Check out Siloxa-Tek 8510

    • Can super diamond clear be applied over an acid stain? Concrete is 2 years old. No finish applied Interior application. Thanks

      Assuming the stain has been neutralized and cleaned, you can apply Super Diamond Clear over the top.  You will most likely notice the scent indoors, so make sure you have adequate ventilation

    • What colors options (Colors) can I tint Super Diamond Clear What is the product called Thanks

      Here are the color options:
      Universal Color Packs

    • approximately how many sq. ft. will the five gallon can cover ?

      350 to 450 square feet per gallon, so 1750 square feet on the low end.

    • Our concrete patio has an acid stain and was sealed with the super diamond clear sealer. Every year we have had to pressure wash it an seal it again because it turns dull and has a white haze to it. We were told we have to strip it and reseal it. Can you tell us what we would need to do to get the shine back and not have to seal it every year?

      Typically, sealer becomes hazy due to water beneath the surface of the sealer. Give us a call and we can discuss some options for you.  888-391-2227

    • How to apply?

      Sprayer or roller would be your best bet.  We use a 3/8" nap roller.

    • Hi, where do I find the packets to add color to the seal or?

      They can be found at this link,

    • I have a stamped concrete patio that had the Super Diamond Clear applied about three years ago. Is it safe to apply another coat of the same sealer on it now? I know the surface must be clean. Will pressure washing and scrubbing with a brush be good enough? Or do I need to do more prior to reapplying the new sealer?

      Sounds like you have a good plan!  You can soften the existing sealer with xylene as an added step, but as a general rule, solvent based sealer to solvent based sealer is good for re-application.

    • I have an exposed aggregate front porch that was sealed in 2008. When removing a stain this past winter, the cleaner removed the seal from one small area of our porch. If I ensure the porch is free of dust and is dry, can I simply apply another coat of Super Diamond Seal or do I need to strip the old sealant off the porch first? Will the new coat bond to the coat that is already on the porch?

      If your porch was sealed with a solvent based sealer previously, you can usually go back over top with a solvent based sealer provided it is clean and dry.  You can soften the old sealer by spraying with xylene, and then apply your new coat.  

    • Does super diamond maintain its hi gloss appearance on floors that have heavy foot traffic... or in an area where tables and chairs are moved across the floors daily? Does it show scratches and scuff marks?

      I would suggest a sealer that is better resistant to abrasion such as Crystal Clear

    • Can I use this product on stamp concrete

      Absolutely.  This is great for stamped concrete.


      Surface temperature needs to be at least 40 degree's and dry, but yes you can use it on a 20 year old driveway

    • Will super diamond clear hold up and be suitable for interior split brick floors?

      Yes, however when applied, there will be a definite odor due to the solvents in the sealer, so I wouldn't plan on occupying the space while it cures.

    • How much coverage should 5 gallon do

      350 to 400 square feet per gallon

    • Can this be used on brick floors?

      Yes.  Assuming it is grouted.

    • For my exterior slab, how long should I wait after pouring to apply Diamond Clear?

      Diamond clear is a cure and seal so you can apply as soon as you can get in it.

    • Where can I buy this In WV? I live near Morgantown. Let me know. Thank You!

      Not sure who would have this product there. We are a distributor but don't know a local one out there.

    • Do yo sell super diamond 350 in gallons?

      No. Super fishin diamond clear 350 qualifies as hazardous for shopping purposes. Give us a call and we can see if we can help you out with a solution.

    • Can I buy super diamond sealer in a gallon?

      Yes, when you are viewing the product you can select 1 gal, 5 gal, or 55 gal and then add to cart.

    • I'm looking for Euclid Diamond clear coat "350". Do you carry this particular grade? If so what would the price per 5 gal be for approximately "10" 5gal buckets? Total 50 gallons.

      Give us a call or send us an email and we can set you up with a custom quote for 10 pails of Diamond Clear 350.  We need a bit more information to get you a quote.


    • Can this be used inside of a house on a basement floor? Is this product low VOC? Thank you.

      This can be used inside, however it is not a low VOC product.  It will definitely have a strong odor.  Check out the Super Diamond Clear VOX for low VOC

    • Can you use this on a stone wall?

      Depends on the type of stone. Please give us a call and we can figure out if it will work for you!

    • Is this oil base with high solids


    • First aid treatment for dogs feet saturated with super diamond clear.

      Contact your vet. If the dog hasn't ingested it, you are probably ok, but their feet will be sticky and don't want to have their paws stuck to the floor /ground.

    • What is the cleaning process

      In most cases, a good power washing is good enough to get the contaminants off the surface.  In some cases, you will need to use a stripping solution.

    • What sprayer do you recommend to apply Super Diamond Clear. Cheap sprayers don’t work.

      A metal concrete sprayer, like a Chapin 1949

    • where is Super Diamond Clear available in Ohio or West Virginia?

      Due to VOC restrictions imposed in Ohio, super diamond clear is not availabile there.  We can however ship to West Virginia.

    • I placed Super Diamond Clear on my large new exposed agg patio 2 years ago. We get heavy snow and cold in northern Idaho. Is it too soon to give it a second coat? I also plan to put a hot tube on one end of the patio and thought it would be good to give it another coat before I place the tub? Also, now long does it take to ship to me in Idaho zip 83858? Thx

      You can definitely apply another coat, just need to make sure it is clean so the coat will adhere to the existing. It also definitely wouldn't hurt to put a coat down before your hot tub goes in. 
      A pail will take about 3 days to get there.

    • where can I buy Super Diamond

      You can buy it on our website, just click add to cart and go through the checkout process.

    • Can you tint this sealer?

      Absolutely. Check out the Universal Color Packets

    • Can I still seal concrete that was poured a year ago?

      Absolutely.  Make sure it is clean and dry , and you're good to go!

    • Can the sealer be applied by a roller?

      Yes.  We reccomend a 3/8" nap, solvent resistant roller.    

    • How long does it last typically, how often do u need to reapply it?

      The answer to that depends on a few things  What is it being used on, what kind of traffic it sees  and what kind of elements it is exposed to.  In short , we recommend resealing each year for most exterior applications  

    • I had someone put this on my driveway but now it looks like swirls and he did not powerwash before. What can I do? The concrete looked great before but we wanted to make sure it kept it that way. Now I am upset with the outcome.

      How did they apply that they got swirls?

      You can re-liquefy the sealer with solv-kleen which can help with roller marks and bubbles.  If that doesn't work, you might be looking at removing the sealer and starting fresh.  The driveway definitely needs to be clean before applying sealer  

    • After application onto my driveway how long do I need to wait before I can drive on it?

      6 to 10 hours 

    • How many gallons do I need for driveway that is 2 car width and 3 car length long

      Assuming your driveway is approximately 24x56, you would need about 4 gallons at a coverage of 400 sqft per gallon. 

    • Your showing a price o $49.00 on your ad. When I click on the add to order it show s $158. ??

      Starting at $49 for one gallon. 5 gallons is $158. 

    • Can I use this on garage floor

      Yes, but a better solution would be Siloxa-Tek 8510. It is a penetrating sealer that is salt and oil resistant. 

    • Does the finished product become slick with snow or ice? Using product on exposed aggregate.

      It will be a bit slick when wet.  You can add shur grip to the sealer to add traction without affecting appearance shur grip

    • Would this be something you'd recommend using on a basement floor to make it easier to clean and prevent breakdown of the floor?

      We would reccomend a penetrating sealer such as our Ghostshield Siloxa-Tek 8510 (

    • When do you expect to have the one gallon size available? Can I be put on a wait list?

      Guessing in the next week or so. Check back soon!

    • Can be used to seal stained interior heated floors

      Yes, however it will have a strong odor while it cures. Typically you would use a water based sealer for interior applications such as Polyseal WB

    • What product should I use to reseal my concrete driveway and stamped concrete patio. The concrete was put down 5 years ago. The sealer used by the contractor was very slippery when it rained or snowed on the surface of the stamped patio, the driveway was a broom finish so was fine. We live in Northeast Ohio if this helps.

      For driveways, I typically recommend a penetrating sealer such as Siloxa-Tek 8510.

      This is a natural finish and won't be slippery when wet.

      For stamped concrete, you need an acrylic sealer to protect the color. Since you are in Ohio, you have some VOC restrictions, so you would need a low VOC sealer such as Cryli-Tek 5505.

      For reducing the slickness when wet, you can add Shur Grip

    • Can you recommend a non toxic cleaner that won't kill my plants to prep the surface for application? Also, would Super Diamond Clear work on a exposed aggregate that is 20 years old but still in good condition? Can you send me the application instructions? Thanks, Paul

      Typically you only need a pressure washer to clean the surface to prep for application. Super Diamond Clear does work well on exposed aggregate. Here is a link to the Tech Data

    • Can I buy a gallon?

      We are currently out of stock of the Super Diamond Clear 1 gallon. The substitute wound be Cryli-Tek 5505.

    • My driveway is at lease 6 years old.Can I use this on my driveway. If so anything special I need to do?

      Yes, you can use it on an older driveway. Just needs to be clean and dry and you'll be good to go.

    • What is the dry time?

      About 4 hours dry to touch, 8 hours light foot traffic.

    • How do you fix blisters

      Mist with xylene should take care of it.

    • Do you sell it in one gallon bottles?

      We are currently out of stock on the 1 gallon. We do have 1 gallon of the Diamond Clear currently.

    • I'm going to seal my garage floor. Trying to protect from tire marks and chemicals. Friend recommended super diamond clear. Is that the best choice product? Is two coats suggested vs one?

      I you are looking to prevent tire marks and protect against chemicals, I would strongly suggest a penetrating sealer such as Siloxa-tek-8510. This offers the best protection especially against salts, oil, grease etc.

    • What is the preferred air temperature to apply this product?

      50 degrees, at least 40 degrees surface temp

    • I had a partial one gallon can of diamond clear in my garage. Age unknown. Gave it to my aunt to cover a cement angel she received. She painted the entire angel with the contents (which had become black over time). She called me today asking what to do because her angel is black and looks awful. Thoughts?

      The sealer was black or the angel was black? Either way, i would strip the sealer off using Uni-Stripp and once all of the sealer is removed, wash the angel to remove any other dirt or mildew left behind.  If the black is gone and the angel is clean, i would then re-seal with new sealer.

    • What would you recommend to help with the product being very slippery when it becomes wet? Sprinkle something on top right after sealing?

      Check out the Shur Grip

    • I have a customer that is wanting to use this product they are also wanting to wax the floor . Can a wax be used after applying this product?

      Yes it can.

    • I applied the sealer over a month ago and there is still a strong smell. How long typically does it take to cure? Is there a way to speed up the process?

      Indoors or outdoors? If indoors, you need ventilation and air movement. Typical cure time is 48 hours but if you don't have the above, it can take longer. Shouldn't be as long as that unless it was applied very heavy.

    • Is it possible to add a color to this sealer for a driveway and sidewalks? If so, what type of color?

      Absolutely! You would want to look at the Universal Color Packs (

    • How cold can it be and still apply the sealer

      Surface temp needs to be at least 40 degrees and rising. Product needs to be at least 50 degrees

    • Can this sealer be used on a 7 year old driveway.

      Yes,  as long as it's clean and dry.

    • 140,000sf of fresh concrete with power trowel finish. What type of prep or CP is needed for example diamond grinding. New construction appliancation

      No prep needed.  It will seal broom and power trowel finish.  You will probably get towards the higher end of coverage. Estimating 350 gallons single coat.

    • Is this the 8826 ,?

      Not sure what you are referring to.  Can you clarify?

    • If put on garage floor with driving on, it, peel it up or scratch it

      Yes, the grit on your tires will wear the sealer.  We have several options that are great for garage floors.  If you can let us know what you are looking to protect against or the look you are trying to achieve, for example gloss or no gloss, we can make some recommendations for you.

    • Hi I am looking foe a siliconate penetrating sealer. I'm not sure if Diamond Clear meetsthatcriteria. Could you please help? Ivepoured a new sidewalk and patio slab (12 yards) in Minnesota and want to use the correct product. Yours was suggested to me.q Thank you.

      For penetrating sealer, I would look at the Ghostshield Siloxa-Tek 8510

      This will do the best job of protecting against salt damage .

    • Does it work on Paivers?

      Yes, it works great on pavers.

    • How long does it take to dry?

      Dry to Touch < 1 hour
      Recoat 2 hours minimum
      Foot Traffic 2 to 4 hours
      Wheel Traffic 6 to 10 hours

    • Which of your products do you recommend a 3-year-old concrete driveway that will be pressure washed very clean to prevent oil drips from penetrating? I want a matte slip-resistant finish. Thanks--Ron Galen

      Ghostshield Siloxa-Tek 8510 is your best option.

    • We recently had a front porch poured and a sidewalk. Our contractor only used a sprayer to apply this sealer. Our concern is that when it rains the water only “beads” up in a certain spot and the rest it appears to just be soaking into the concrete. Should we apply a 2nd coat ourselves?

      You certainly can.  It's very easy to apply.  Can use a short nap roller and make sure you get even coverage.   As long as it's clean,  you can put a second coat of this over top of the first coat without issue.

    • Should the exposed aggregate be fully cured and dry before applying this product?

      This is a cure and seal so can be used as soon as any bleed water is gone.

    • Am I able to use this product directly on concrete that was lightly ground with a hand grinder?

      Yes.  As long as it is clean and dry

    • how long will the product last before resealing

      Depends on a few factors such as exposure, traffic and application.  If you can let me know what you are trying to seal, and where you are located, I can definitely make a reccomendation

    • Can you paint over this sealer? Can you use this on Sandstone?

      You can paint over it,  but don't think the paint would adhere very well.  It is typically not used on sandstone.

    • Can you apply ghostseal over super diamond clear

      No. The Super Diamond Clear will prevent the Ghostshield from penetrating in to the concrete.

    • If I order this today, how fast can I get it?

      Where are you located? It can go out the door today if you order soon.


    • When my house was built, the builder said to seal the driveway after 2 years. I used everclear sealer. I don't know whether it was the Diamond or super diamond. However, it's time for me to seal the driveway again. The driveway is aggregate; what product would be best to seal it with. I will also be sealing a concrete patio. Will the product I use on the aggregate driveway work for the concrete patio as well?

      Yes it sure will.

    • What can I use to reseal my stamped colored concrete if you can’t ship diamond to Michigan?

      Cryli-Tek 5505
      Crystal Clear-A 

      Are all great options for stamped concrete and are able to go to Michigan

    • Show me a picture of super diamond clear before and after

      Send an email to and we can send you a picture.

    • Some of the super diamond got into pool water. How to get it out? Is it an oil product? What do you mean by "solvent"?

      It should float on the water being oil based.  Could try and find where it is floating and soak it up or skim it out. Solvent based is basically the same as oil based.

    • What can I use to remove it from my concrete patio if it accidentally dripped off my sprayer tip and made a dollar sized puddle about a saltine cracker thick? I tried just using water but it just bounced off it.

      Xylene will soften it. May need a scraper to get it off the concrete.

    • Does fertilizer, such as Ironite, stain Super Diamond Clear? This was used as a sealer on Concrete Edging in my yard.

      Yes.  The chemicals in the fertilizer can eat away at the sealer.

    • Can I use this over top of water based Eco stain?

      Yes you can.

    • As long as it was a solvent based sealer and was sealed a few years ago, is it fine to put a fresh coat of super diamond clear over it? I used xylene and power washed the old coating off but am worried a little bit may remain in some spots.

      Typically yes, this is perfectly fine.

    • When apply the concrete sealer on a concrete driveway pad, does it make it slippery at all. Such as when it rains, is wet?

      Yes,  it can become slippery with a surface sealer.  Is it decorative concrete or plain concrete?  If it's plain we have some other options that won't change the texture.

    • does Lowes handle this product?

      No they do not.

    • Is there a way to get out of bed of truck

      Xylene will soften the sealer but can also remove paint or bedliner.  You can try a small amount of xylene and a plastic scraper.

    • How long before you can walk on it

      4 hours

    • Is this breathable product. Like foundation armor AR 350

      It is not classified as breathable.

    • Is this sealer acrylic I know thaw one used on my patio is acrylic do not know if they are comparable

      Yes,  it is acrylic

    • Can I purchase a lesser amount (one gallon) I would like to test try.

      We have the one gallon size available on the website,  however do not have any smaller sizes.

    • Is this a breathable sealer

      It is a cure and seal so it is breathable while the concrete is curing.

    • What’s the coverage of 5 gallons of the super diamond clear?

      1750 to 2250 sqft

    • I used this product to seal the floor in my garage. I was wondering if I can use floor wax over it instead of putting more coats of super diamond over the 10 year old super diamond clear that is there already

      Yes,  you can use floor wax, however if it's 10 years old,  another coat would definitely help.

    • Can you buy super diamond clear in gallon containers

      Yes.  There is a drop down on the product page that will let you select 1 gal

    • What sealer for a 3 yr old driveway that has some dusting and spalling. He does not want any sheen just natural. Want to stop the fusing and spalling thanks

      I would start with a densifier,  like Lithi-Tek 4500, then follow up with a penetrating sealer such as Siloxa-Tek 8505.

      This will protect the driveway for many years to come.

    • Can this product ship to Amherst Ohio 44001?

      No.  Ohio has stricter VOC restrictions.

    • Can you apply a wax polish over the sealer?

      Yes you can.

    • Hi , I make a new concrete driveway plain in south Florida, this is the correct product to use ? What is the look . Semi gloss , satin or flat ? We need two coats ?

      I would use a penetrating sealer on a plain driveway.  Much longer lasting protection,  and looks like plain concrete. 

      I would suggest Siloxa-Tek 8505

    • Do you have a matte finish sealer for a painted (Xcel Top Coat 100% acrylic high solids) concrete pool deck? Thank you.

      Typically, concrete sealer wont adhere to a painted surface.  If it was a bare concrete surface, we would have a couple options but unfotunately not for painted.

    • I’m looking to seal my concrete walk way and I don’t want a shiny slick finish, what should I use. Also I want to tint the sealer , what Coker’s do you have.

      To tint a sealer, it needs to be a surface sealer which can get slippery when wet. You can add grip to the sealer to make it less slippery. Let us know where you are located and we can give you a couple options.

    • Where is your store located

      South Dakota

    • Do you sell the Euclid Color Packs?

      We sure do. You can find them here: Universal Color Packs

    • What would you recommend for interior concrete floors? Just looking for a wet floor look

      For wet look, I would suggest Cryli-Tek 5505

    • Will this product seal in dog urine in a garage floor and prevent smell coming back. I've tried everything and I don't want to epoxy the floor

      I would suggest a penetrating sealer for this purpose.   It seals the pores in the concrete instead of just the surface.  I would suggest Siloxa-Tek 8505.

    • Will it work on gravel walkways

      It will seal it to a certain extent but won't keep the gravel in place

    • A contractor sprayed this product on my driveway yesterday, but it started raining about an hour after application and it rained all night. Is this an issue? Does he need to redo it? He claims it dries in 20 minutes but based on my research it says to protect it from water for at least 12 hours after application. Can you please confirm? Thanks

      Chances are you'll experience bubbling or other visible issues bit only time will tell when it dries

    • What is a solid when is it dry

      Dry to touch in 4 hours.  8 hours for light traffic,  24 for heavy traffic

    • can it be used to recoat a stamped patio that was coated with a laquer based material


    • Will super diamond clear adhere to oil stains on cement floors?

      If the surface has been cleaned and degreased thoroughly, with only the stain remaining,  not actual oil,  the sealer should adhere.

    • Does this replace LusterSeal 300

      Lusterseal is a satin finish,  while super diamond clear is a high gloss.

    • Will this sealer freeze

      It will not freeze, but should be minium of 50 degrees before use.

    • How do you get scratches out? I recently used this on the inside of my new barndominium and one of the contractors walk through with mud n rock on his feet and scratches it everywhere he went

      You can wax it,  or put another coat on.

    • Does it take 2 coats?

      You will see noticeable results with one,  but 2 coats will last longer.


      Due to VOC restrictions on Ohio, it is not able to ship there

    • Concrete driveway poured couple days ago - sprayed on WR Meadows CS-309-25 (cure and seal). Recommended before winter doing 1 coat of Super Diamond Clear. Am not looking for something that provides a shine, but something to protect the concrete year round, including Wisconsin winters and salt. What do you recommend? Available in 1 gallon? Thanks.

      I would recommend a penetrating sealer over a surface sealer as it will protect better against salt.  


    • Is super diamond clear 350 better than super diamond clear? Because I use super diamond clear and within 2 months it is dull again. And I use this on my stamped concrete.

      The 350 means it is compliant with VOC limitations in some states.  The finish is the same. 

      Are you using one or 2 coats?